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 Tohr and Rae 4.12.13

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Tohr and Rae  4.12.13 Empty
PostSubject: Tohr and Rae 4.12.13   Tohr and Rae  4.12.13 EmptyFri Apr 13, 2012 12:51 pm

Everywhere I look there are boxes, overloaded with Porcelain cups and saucers, spoons, small plates and other dishware. Everything I could ever need to start anew with my coffee shop.

The new, Mocha colored, sofas were delivered earlier this evening and have already been placed near the fireplace. The new tables and tailored Dark Brown leather club chairs are still to be unwrapped and placed in their correct setting though.

Instead of going with the regular table and dining room chairs as before, I have gone all out and splurged on comfortable chairs and low tables, all in order to give the shop a more homey and welcome feel to it.

New paintings by a local artist are standing against the freshly Beige and Caramel painted walls, ready to be mounted.

A new top of the line cash register is gracing my counter and behind that my most expensive purchase... a Synesso Sabre Espresso machine. 90 lbs of shining chrome and metal, ready to be used for the perfect cup of coffee. The coffee shop will look great once reopened.

Nothing in it reminds of what once was...I can safely pretend that I have redecorated to upgrade my shop, instead of thinking of the real reason I needed to do this. I still have trouble sleeping since the break in. The thought of it happening while I am asleep or maybe alone in my shop has taken root in my mind and is hard to shake. I wish I had more money so I could purchase a good security system, but refurbishing my shop has cleaned out my account completely. I am taking a very big risk, hoping customers will like what they see and then hopefully will tell a friend. And perhaps the new shutters that will be installed at the end of the week will work as adequate prevention against a new break in.

I stare at the large wooden board that is still in place. I can not wait to see a window there again. The board another ugly reminder of the truth I so desperately try to ignore.

Grabbing a box cutter I open the first box with dishware and unload the cups and saucers onto the counter. Startled by a knock on the door I drop a handful of saucers on the floor watching them shatter into bits.

With a sigh of exasperation at my foolish and clumsy behavior I walk towards the door, calling out that the shop is closed. At another knock, this one more insistent, I shove aside the large curtain to point at the “Closed” sign, only to see the friendly mile and sapphire blue eyes of a new friend, staring back at me through the glass in the door.

[grinning at the tiny redhead inside the coffee shop, I open the door, the now familiar chimes ringing as I walk in. I step in the door, I notice all the boxes piled up around the counter and the new decor of the shop] Hello, Rae. [Seeing the lovely pink blush that appears on her cheeks, I smile, also remember the last time I was here. I resist the urge to reach up and touch my neck where she fed from me.] Why are you redecorating?

[Inclining my head slightly, hoping to hide the blush I am sure is now covering my face, I smile at Tohrment as he enters my shop]
Welcome back Tohrment. I am glad you decided to visit. I wish I could offer more comfort but my shop has been broken in to a short time ago. I had no other choice then to redecorate completely.

[Trying not to show how the break in has affected me I step towards he counter and start picking up the shards that are still littering the floor.] Would you like some coffee?

[At the mention of a break-in, my muscles bunch tight and a low, menacing growl emanates from deep in my chest] What do you mean break in? Why didn't you call me?

[Walking behind the counter, I take Rae's hand, ignoring her gasp of surprise] When last I was here, I told you to call on me whenever you needed me. [Lifting your chin to look at me] Why didn't you call?

[Staring down at the hand that now firmly holds mine in its grasp so I don't have to look in his eyes, I swallow a few times.] I did not wish to impose myself on you any more then I already did. I have dealt with the aftermath and the shop will be better for it. What do you think? It is a large improvement to what it was before, yes?

When I gave you my number, I meant for you to use it. [Entwining our fingers, I pull you to the sofa and sit beside you drawing lazy circles on the top of your hand with my thumb] You should have called me right away. My job is to protect. [Lifting your chin again so you will look at me] You WILL let me put in a security system, wont you!

[I blink a few times, hoping to prevent him from seeing any tears that are ready to fall at his kind offer.] I would be most grateful to you. I am not sure how I will be able to repay you for your most gracious offer though Tohrment. The break in has all but drained my account. So I would have to make some sort of settlement with you in order to repay you.

Rae, I want you to listen to me, and I don't want to hear the words NO slip from your lips. [The words leave me gruffly, making her jump] You will not have to repay me. Ever!! I would not take kindly if something were to happen to you.

[Letting out a breath I didn't realize I was holding] I'm sorry I wasn't here for you when you needed me, Rae.

[Letting go of her hand and standing, the healing bullet hole in my back pulling slightly] I had family business to attend that kept me away. [My mind envisions Phury on the ForeLesser’s table] I must ask your forgiveness in me being remiss.

[Staring up at Tohrment I try to relieve the anguish I can see in his eyes] Please do not feel as if you were remiss. You should not ask me for forgiveness of any kind when you have shown me such kindness and offered me friendship. You owe me no explanation.

I should have called out to you, yet I did not. I am used to doing things by myself, Tohrment. This is not your fault. You should accept my apology for not keeping my word to you. You are the first person in a long time to take note of me. I am not used to the feeling.

Please forgive me for not calling on you my friend. [Standing up I pull Tohrment down to my level and kiss his cheek.] Thank you Tohrment

[Placing my palms on either side of Rae's tiny waist, my heart races as her scent fill my lungs and her lips touch my cheek leaning down, I place my forehead to hers] Put my pager on your speed dial. Any more problems, I will be here to fix it. You are not alone. Not any more.

[Placing a small kiss to her lips] Now... [taking off my long leather coat] Let’s set up shop.

[Smiling, I touch my fingers to my lips, not used to the sensation of having them kissed. Staring over at Tohrment as he takes of his long leather coat I smile again, realizing I really am not alone any longer. I have a friend, and it feels wonderful]

[Grinning at Rae as she stands there holding the broom, I pick up a up several boxes of dishes] Where you want them? #BDBB

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Tohr and Rae 4.12.13
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