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 Wizard and Phury 7.17.2012

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PostSubject: Wizard and Phury 7.17.2012   Wizard and Phury  7.17.2012 EmptySun Aug 12, 2012 1:33 pm

{I brushed all the file folders off the bed except for the three I held in my hands. Darius wanted me to handle the training of new fighters, then I was going to take it seriously and make the best decisions I could. Starting with 'Who' and if he didn't like it he could damn well replace me. This batch of trainees would be limited to three only and I was pretty sure the biggest problem this first time out was going to be Zsadist. Fucker was not going to make this easy, on any of us.

Holding up the first folder belonging to Vhayne. As Darius' son he'd come by his fighting ability naturally, and the training he'd received growing up had enhanced his skills. He wouldn't need must work, a little polishing only.

The second folder, Katana Hanzo... this was where I expected the push back from the others to get loud, especially Wrath. But at D's order I'd been watching her fight, stalking her through the dark places of Caldwell, and regardless of being a female, she'd impressed me. With her skill surely, but also with her compassion to those she'd helped along the way. If she was willing to join up, I was going to back her all the way.

The last folder belonged to Vhenom. There was almost no info on what appeared to be nothing but a spoiled member of the Glymera that someone wanted to pawn off.. no info except a hand written note from D saying he was 'IN', period.

Rubbing my eyes and resting back against the headboard. Finding out what I could about this one would have to be my next move. Fritz had already been instructed to collect him and bring him here. Damn, but this was not the job I'd expected to be doing for the Brotherhood.}

-Having laid a firm smack to the hindquarters of the warhorse, comfortably sprung boots crunch through the piles of ash and ragged splinters of bone. Lifting a skeletal hand from beneath my robes, I reach out to brush against the rebuilt wall holding back Phury's best kept secrets. A wicked smirk twists my lips at the thought. A dozen or so.. dark and glittering gems, still tucked deep within my pockets. I'm a patient bastard, and the current state of mind my fragile host has hovered in for the past few months has kept me silent. Yeah, thing is.. I don't stay quiet for long.

I rap my knuckles against the wall, banging loudly as I call out in a dust dry voice.- Oi! Hope you enjoyed your little vacation, m'boy. -tilting my head, the grin a flawless fabrication of joy- Seems findin' relief in a tight little Chosen did ya right.. for a bit, yeah?

-inhaling a slow, deep breath of the smokey, soot filled air before chuckling darkly.-Nice t'have ya back, mate. Too much time alone tends t'wear a right bit o'madness in the ol' gulliver, might like to have drug out a rampage of the old ultraviolence, if you be understandin' it... Brother.

{Opening my eyes slowly to focus on the one in all of creation who I couldn't afford to see. Mind flashing to the dream from a few nights ago, the ForeLesser assuming his body of evil in that one.

Sitting up straighter on the bed, not willing to show the weakness I already knew the bastard could feel from me. God, I should have known the dream was a warning of reunions to come. I could have .. prepared, but even as I thought it my mind screamed the truth. There was no preparing, only avoiding.. keeping my eyes on my shadowy friend I reached for the bag of red on the nightstand.}

-Scuffing through a particularly rancid pile of still smoking ash, I straighten my shoulders and resume my pacing of the patched up border of my limitations. Rough repair work, to be true, yet sturdy enough to keep me from prying.

Turning on my heel, my attention drawn to the deft movements your shaking fingers are working at, the blunt taking shape quickly... I bark out a rough laugh as you park it between your lips.

The crackling jollies are cut off, however.. the moment your eyes flicker to the pile of three folders that you've set aside.- Welly welly welly well then, what have we 'ere? Ahh.. you've been tapped to be one of the professors for the new blood, ain't that right? -squinting through the haze, I lean in close enough that you're able to feel the iced chill to my skin.- Those poor, poor bastard males. Thinkin' you'd be able t'instruct 'em in anythin' other than how to be a weak, addicted fucker'all, yeah? Unless good ol' Darius there is puttin' you in as the prime example of what they ought to not turn to.

-tapping my fingers against the edge of the barrier- Yeah, that would make perfect sense, now.. -tossing my hand into the air, I make a show of turning my back on you, shaking my head of wild hair- That you'll pull off to perfection, mate. You and that twin o'yours, bad examples put to good use, eh?

{Sucking the smoke deep into my lungs wasn't bringing even the marginal relief that it used to. Anger burned and I wanted to rage at my tormentor, scream that his words were hollow and carried no weight. But I couldn't. We both knew the truth all too well. Each word he spoke landed a familiar blow. The force knocking me just a bit more off center. I'd already thought the same over and over, it was almost laughable. I certainly had very little to offer and the possible damage I could cause out weighed all else.

Darius needed to see the truth. Maybe the Wizard should pay HIM a visit? The smoke effects allowing me a sick chuckle at the thought. Watching as I'm dismissed by the very person who had always been so intent on my company. Fuck this. Getting up from the bed without regard for the files or bag of smoke. The red no longer able to hold back my personal demons alone. Closing my eyes I scatter myself, heading to the one place where I know smoke, alcohol and sex.... my trifecta of peace, can be found.}

-whistling sharply through my teeth, grabbing the pommel of the saddle the moment my warhorse is within reach, I throw my leg over the grand beast's back and call over my shoulder with a faux tone of joviality.- That's m'boy! Stick to what you're best at, that's the way to avoid me! Keep runnin', mate... you know I'll be here, waiting with baited breath, for you to make right what's wrong and come on back to me. Never apart for long, now are we, Phury. No, never for long...#BDBB
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Wizard and Phury 7.17.2012
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