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 Phury and the Wizard 4.16.12

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PostSubject: Phury and the Wizard 4.16.12   Sun Apr 22, 2012 7:00 pm

{Leaning against the cold marble of the sink, it was still a shock to see the face that now looked back at me from the ornate mirror above it. I'd seen those same ink black eyes all these years from the face of my twin. Fitting really, that they should now also belong to me. I'd always known the wretchedness I carried; now it was easily seen, not hidden behind nice hair and a pretty face. Angrily shoving away from the sickening sight I went back into the bedroom throwing myself down onto the bed. Zsadist had been the only one brave enough or foolish enough, to come and find me since I'd been "rescued"... I was going to have to leave these walls and face the rest of the Brothers soon. Fuck! Didn't that just bite. I'm sure Tohrment and Darius are going to want to talk about the entire sitch at great length. Rubbing my hands over my eyes, I knew I was not up for those conversations.}

-Strolling free of the thick blanket of haze, skeletal hands clasped behind my back, boot heels crunching through the shards of ruin that litter the landscape. A dark smile curves my lips, gaunt features taking on a sinister mask of nonchalance.- Oi, good to see you up and at 'em, mate! -Flashing a set of razor sharp fangs, I toss back my robes and take up leaning against the dead husk of an oak-

{Growling low at the familiar voice coming from across the room. The usual despair at the arrival of my personal tormentor replaced by contempt. Not willing to allow even one more intrusion into my already picked apart psyche.} Fuck off... I'm not up for you're mind games at the moment. You'll have to go find another to amuse you.

-Feigns an expression of rejection and guilt, my right hand coming up to rest over my sternum where my heart would beat... if I indeed had one.- Now now, you wouldn't be here if I hadn't intervened on your behalf, chap. -Waving my hand into the air dramatically- Imagine missing out on that sweet, sweet Chosen blood they fed you. Put you to rights, they did. Even got that cranky git of a blooded twin to move his half-assed ass into the mansion. -Nodding with self-satisfaction, my left hand moving from behind my back.. my fist gripping a fat, crimson pearl. I begin to toss it up, catching it underhanded each time it drops.- Mayhap next time they'll even leave her with you long enough to get more than a taste of what flows through her veins, yes?

{Jerking up right at the words I'm hearing} You intervened? {laughing slightly} Since the last time I looked you were only a construct of my sick imagination, I hardly think you could have hand a hand in much. Are you grasping at straws now to give yourself more of a feeling of power? {Ebony eyes narrowing, as I'm able to smirk at this bastard for the first time and mean it} You live inside my head, you know I've seen more evil than you carry lately. So Piss Off...

-Tossing the pearl once more before catching it in an iron grip...- Phury, my boy, you and I both know that's not entirely all that I consist of.. your imagination? I'm the compilation of your essence, mate. I am you. The you that no one else ever has, or will.. see. -shadowed eyes glow with menace, the time I have to spare infinite with patience unlimited.- From the very beginning, my friend. -My fist tightens suddenly, crushing the crimson pearl into dust as I release the memory that had been carefully secured from me before the bloody ForeLesser had seen fit to put your mind on holiday. The vision showing up in vivid Technicolor and as real as the very day it occurred. I sit back against the dead trunk of the tree, dusting my hands off against one another before crossing thin arms over my chest.- *A young male, writhing in agony.. begging any and all within earshot for relief.* "Death, I beg of you, take me! I do not wish to see the other side of this path!"

*The male's nostrils flare as his heightened senses are focused on the scent of a female in the close quarters. Her fear is sharp, citrus and thunderstorms floating on the air. His hands claw at the dirt floor of the cellar, seeking release in any form from the bones that are breaking and re-knitting.. muscles and tendons snapping to be reformed. He'd had no true source with which to learn about the transition he was now undergoing. Only whispers from the few of his race that still lived in the area. Hell, most had stopped visiting with his family the moment he'd been shoved out into this world. The cursed twin, perfectly healthy and full of possibility. Exhile Dhoble. He was an anomaly. A thing that should not be. The female that was brought to him with a bribe of wealth and reward, hadn't realized who she'd truly be serving. Her parents watched in stark terror as their fair daughter was brought to the crazed, straining male before them....*

{Rocked backwards slightly on the bed. Physically assaulted by the intense vision... the memory. Fuck! How had he found this? It had been long buried. Tightly secured in places within my mind that even I did not visit. Overcome with the replaying. Feeling completely the combined terror, the hopelessness. But above all the betrayal and the crushing of any remaining hope that transition would bring a possible means of escape from the evil circumstance of my birth. I'd clung to the slim strand of hope that transition would change more than my body. The looks of horror on the faces around me burned all hope away. The brief taste of life saving blood I'd been allowed barely enough to keep death at bay.

Closing my eyes tightly, not needing to see the rest of the scene. The look of relief on her face as her family cracked and drug her from me. Shuddering as I tried to get myself back together. Telling myself this was just one more example of a past that was no longer mine. I was choosing to head in a different direction and everyone else could be damned. Looking up again into the smiling face of the Wizard I wanted nothing more than to enter the wasteland and throttle the smile from his face with my own hands. Unable to disguise the hoarseness of my voice} You're my essence? Very are me. Well, doesn't that just make us both lucky bastards? Well here's a PSA for you... there has been a change in ownership. {Smiling with all the evil intent I can muster} I believe I said... piss off.

-Straightening as the memory is locked down once more, the messy bits gathered up and stored away. Meeting your glare head on, a wry smirk set upon cracked lips- Oh my dear boy, ownership hasn't changed. Not at all. -begins to chuckle darkly as a dozen or more pearls, varied hues and depths, rise from the pockets of my cloak to spin around me in a dance of light and dark.- You're absolutely correct. We are a pair. Closer than even the one who shares your blood. -Knowing the nudge is far from necessary, yet unable to curtail the urge.- You'll be needing to replenish that supply of your infernal ever-present dulling agent, now won't you mate? Yes, yes indeed. I'll be very interested to see how far I'll carry you before your futile attempts to shut me down kick up once again. -Kicking over a crumbling skull, the ash falling soundlessly to coat my boots with graveyard dust, with a whistle blow through my teeth I call my warhorse from the haze. Catching his pommel as he gallops by, I swing myself up and into the saddle…riding into the distance with a promise.- Won't be long, chap. I'd wager by the full moon next!

{Watching the Wizard until he was far in the distance, before collapsing shaking and sweating from the effort of trying to stand up to him. Knowing that he's right in his ready assumption that I'll be back hazed out and weak before long. Hasn't it always been that way in the past? Well, this time I planned to take a few pages out of Zsadist's play book. God but I was so fucking tired of being the punching bag for every asshole evil piece of shit around. Not. Taking. It. Anymore. And as far as that memory was concerned... I would be replacing it and any others the Wizard felt like throwing around. Getting up to go and find my twin. Smiling to myself, knowing that the next time I received a gift of chosen blood, or any other, she might just be gifting me with a hell of a lot more than she'd intended.} #BDBB
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Phury and the Wizard 4.16.12
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