Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings
Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings

Gathering place for the collective minds of BDBB to hash out Story Lines, discuss events and share ideas.
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 Rehvenge 4-13-12

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PostSubject: Rehvenge 4-13-12   Fri Apr 13, 2012 12:52 pm

-Drumming my fingers against the pile of receipts and invoices sitting before me, I'm pleasantly surprised with the wide profit margin Zero Sum has realized in just a few short weeks. I'd known serving the vices of Caldwell would be lucrative. Exactly how much so, I'd come to realize within the first month. Offering the best of the very best to my clientele has reaped benefits beyond the monetary, however.

I had greased enough palms, and plundered enough grids to have half the City Council in my back pocket. What the outgoing cash flow didn't cover, the measure and scale of sins I've secured will keep myself and my family well set for decades to come.-

-Signing off on the invoices, I set them aside for payment before straightening the receipts. Tucking them into the records book, I draw myself to my full height and straighten the cuffs of my tailored shirt. Deep, fiery ruby cufflinks catch the light with their platinum settings. Their hue the exact same as the view that clouds my vision when my hidden lineage commands my attention.

With a smirk derived from the irony, I exit my office via the armored door that leads directly to the alley and my waiting Jag. iAm was nowhere to be seen, although that didn't mean a fucking thing when it came to the Shadow. He and Trez had already proven themselves to be invaluable to me and the club. Xhex seemed to be on the same page with the Shadows in that the three of them had grown tight enough to be operating on the same wavelength. How much of that I could chalk up to her genetic similarity to myself I didn't venture to guess. Neither of the Shadows would take to a mind stroll well, regardless of who attempted it.

Twisting the key, a smirk spreading as my baby roared to thundering life, I shift into first and pull from the mouth of the alley to turn left. Having another hour before dawn, I fully intend to scour the streets once more.

Unless he'd already been sent back to his maker, the lesser I'd encountered at the RP Awards show has proven to be nearly as elusive as the Black Dagger Brotherhood. The tremendous males that were swiftly becoming regulars in the VIP lounge had piqued my interest early on.

Only two things had prevented me from getting a bead on them, or confronting one of them head on. First, they brought in enough cash to cover the two nights a week Zero Sum went dark. Second, I had a hunch that they knew about me. What I am. Since I harbor a lethal aversion to being shipped to the Colony, it made sense to bide my time. All things, all sins.. show themselves. Given enough time, and patience, I would have all the dirt I would ever need to cement the safety of my head of security and myself.

Winding through the dim streets of downtown, amethyst eyes tuned to finding the pale fucker I seek. A wicked smile peels my lips back from deadly fangs. For this half-breed, it just keeps getting better.- #BBDB

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Rehvenge 4-13-12
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