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 Rehvenge and ForeLesser’s Meeting 7.10.12

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PostSubject: Rehvenge and ForeLesser’s Meeting 7.10.12   Tue Jul 10, 2012 11:22 pm

-following the petite waitress toward the back of the diner, I stop in my tracks as I'm assaulted with a stench that has no business being in this eatery, or any other. Amethyst eyes dilate and narrow on the paled out male seated in the furthest booth from the entrance. Every cell in my body rang out "lesser" clear as crystal.

Damien noted his appearance as he walked behind the waitress. He towered over her and his clothing looked out of place in the diner. His amethyst eyes were indeed striking. They seemed to have a glow to them. He’d never seen such eyes. But that was nothing compared to the intuition that screamed ‘Vampire’! Shit! Was he one of the Brotherhood? He certainly could be based on his size.

Was this a set up? Were the other Brother’s outside waiting for him? Damien’s eyes quickly glanced around him instinctively looking for a way out, but he had managed to pin himself in. He had never in a million years thought that he would be meeting a Vampire, so had not felt the need for a means of escape. His only saving grace was the diner’s patrons and the unwritten rule not to draw attention to the war between the Lessers and the Vamps. He had no choice but to sit and watch as Mr. Reynolds approached. But he remained ready, nevertheless.


-Nodding to the waitress as she flashes me a false smile, her grid flaring with unease and discomfort. Soothing the female's emotions with no more than a millisecond's thought, I pick up the menu she's set down and stride past the offered table in favor of the one already occupied by my race's enemy. Taking my order for a cup of coffee and a slice of cherry pie, she backs away slowly before turning to scurry off.

A vampire! He had to get control of the situation. The diversion of the waitress taking his order gave Damien time to compose himself. Remaining seated, he pasted a smirk on his face. “Mr. Reynolds.” He watched very cautiously as Reynolds took a seat opposite him. He couldn’t lower his defenses for one second around this one. Not until he knew more about him, no… not even then. You couldn’t trust a vampire. This was a huge mistake. What was he thinking? His mind was in complete chaos.

-I rest my elbows against the table, folding my hands to rest my chin against my knuckles and flash a brilliantly fanged smile.- Mr. Rickman, I presume. -The plethora of fear, confusion, greed, frustration, and amusement serve to fill me with the familiar sense of control and power. A complex mind to be played with no less care than one would approach a Stradivarius, finely tuned and awaiting a skilled violinist.-

Composing his thoughts, he answered “I must admit my surprise, Reynolds.” He waited for him to answer and got none. He sensed the cunning in the vampire. What was he up to? He tread very cautiously.

-offering the waitress a closed lip smile as she sets the coffee and pie before me, her eyes not quite focusing on my table mate or I. The CPD officers who'd taken the booth I'd been offered, laugh loudly at some inside joke while placing their order. Apparently we'd run into a shift change as half the diner seemed occupied with cops going off duty, the other just the opposite. Interesting. Given the nature of our "business", subtlety is most definitely called for. Taking a sip of the strong brew, I set the cup between my palms and lean forward, holding back the question of the brightly colored eyes meeting my own.- Here's what I'm looking for, Mr. Rickman. A steady supply of the highest quality products, a minimum of contact and an exclusive arrangement. -raising my brow, a confident smirk tugs at my lips-

Damien sat back. On all accounts it suited him perfectly, though he wouldn’t rush to confirm that. If this was a valid proposal, this could be a very interesting and lucrative business venture. He certainly could use the money it promised. Though, he knew he had his work cut out trying to explaining to the Omega why he shouldn’t just kill this Vampire, all the while watching out for his own neck. No. This one could prove most interesting. He would have to find out what Reynolds’ game was and what he was up to.

Feigning thinking about the proposal, Damien said nothing. Reynolds had made him wait on the phone; well he could damn well wait now for his answer. He watched as the man ate his pie. “I don’t see a problem with that arrangement” he finally told him. “My product is indeed of the highest quality. And I am not adverse to an exclusive arrangement as long as it’s very profitable.” He placed his forearms on the table and clasped his hands. “And as for the minimum contact… I believe that would be in the best interest of both of us” he said with a smile.

-sifting through the lesser's grid, I pick and choose which to keep and which to save for a later date. Zeroing in on a particularly juicy morsel, I latch on and drag it to the surface... an image of a younger Damien, a vibrant and very much alive human male. Drawing out the feelings of inadequacy forced upon him from a neglectful family. The frustration of an intellect far above the genius level, left to its own devices in its search for acceptance and power. Oh yes. This foray into an agreeable business deal with this... thing… was already proving to be invaluable. With a slight shift in perspective, I bolster the male's confidence in me. Reassuring him that this will be a profitable and advantageous venture, most certainly benefiting him far more than it will me. Leverage. Success hangs in it's discovery and well-placed usage.- Then shall I expect the first shipment within... say.. one week? Stocking a full inventory, mind you. No room for error here, Mr. Rickman.

He didn’t know why, but he suddenly felt that things between them could work out, even if it put him on the knife’s edge. Perhaps he would even be able to use this arrangement to gather more information on the Brotherhood. Time would tell. He looked at Reynolds for a moment. “I don’t think there will be a problem with maintaining your inventory. And the time frame can be met.” He slid a piece of paper across the table to him, glancing casually at the police across the way. “Call me with your order and I’ll contact you again about arranging payment and delivery.” He stood up and took out a few dollars, leaving them on the table to pay for the untouched coke. “This could be a very interesting arrangement Reynolds.” He chuckled. “Very interesting indeed.” He walked through the group of Caldwell police officers and out of the diner.

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Rehvenge and ForeLesser’s Meeting 7.10.12
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