Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings
Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings

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 Rehvenge ZeroSum Opening soon 3-3-12

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PostSubject: Rehvenge ZeroSum Opening soon 3-3-12   Sat Mar 03, 2012 3:42 pm


[Pulling my Jaguar XJ40 Sovereign to the front of the nearly complete club, I sit back with a grin, letting the purr of the 3.6 rumble through my senses. Shrewd amethyst irises scrutinize the structure, the sharp lines blended perfectly with sweeping curves. Fixing on the bold, abstract neon sign that will shine as a beacon to the masses, beckoning a sea of bodies to a promise of desire, delights and their own personal brand of temporary fulfillment.

Killing the engine, I step from the car.. eager to view the interior, as well as check on the 'adjustments' I'd made at the last moment through a private contractor. Entering with a nod to the workers as they install the final finishing touches, ants scattering to stock the bars and polish the glassware, I stroll across the barren dance floor. Sharp eyes take in the careful placement of the DJ platform, enclosed in etched glass. The subtle, and not so subtle, design ensuring a smooth flow of bodies in flux as they traverse the layout.

Satisfied with the public access atmosphere, I take the two steps up to where a thick, purple velvet rope will bar entrance to the VIP area. Tall backed banquettes, lushly padded and semi-private, will suit the needs of the most valuable clientele. The lighting here, fixed and muted, differs greatly from the pulsing strobes and laser lights that will cut through the created fog and inevitable cloud of smoke of the main floor. A private bar will serve these visitors, as will the select group of working females and perhaps a male or two. The heavy door across the VIP section closes off my office from the rest of the club. Smirking as I imagine the Moors in position, assuring that I will not be disturbed when

Stepping into my office, a wide grin tugs at the corners of my mouth. It's perfect. My exacting instructions had been well realized. The heavy cherry wood desk was hand carved, polished to a mirror shine. The imposing furniture would be nearly as intimidating as the half-Symphath that ruled this club. Rows of monitors lined the wall to the left of the desk, discreet cameras positioned throughout the club would give me a view from every angle with only one exception. My own office and the private ... chambers I'd had added after the building inspectors and city servants had signed off on the project. Nodding to myself, I have to admit. My new venture is going to turn the Caldwell club district on its head. Any who choose to compete will be hard pressed to surpass what I've created. I make a mental note to check in with my contacts from the car phone before I make the drive home. The procurement of what my 'special' clients will require is my final task prior to opening for business. Choosing to deal in the drug trade, alongside taking the role of club owner and pimp, will ensure the cash flow I'd envisioned will be thick and constant. Only the best for my people. Build a solid relationship, maintain a strong business and take no shit from anyone. Keys to the empire.] #BDBB #ZeroSumGrandOpeningSoon
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Rehvenge ZeroSum Opening soon 3-3-12
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