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Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings

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 ForeLesser loses Phury 4.2.12

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ForeLesser loses Phury 4.2.12 Empty
PostSubject: ForeLesser loses Phury 4.2.12   ForeLesser loses Phury 4.2.12 EmptyTue Apr 03, 2012 10:59 am

As the morning light brightened in the sky, Damien headed back to the plant. He turned the radio up one notch and began humming. He had reason to be happy. Things were going as planned. The latest experiment was coming along nicely. His documentation was precise and scientific. He wasn't quite sure that he would be able to turn the vampire yet, if at all, but it was certainly worth the effort. Depending on how Phury was doing, he might even remove the heart today. He had intended on informing the Omega, but thought it might be best to wait until the end results before jumping the gun. The information he had gleaned from Phury's body had been invaluable. Finding out how vampires ticked would help the Society in the long run.

His vials of fluids, pieces of flesh, recordings of experiments, all safely tucked away, would help piece together a portfolio of his enemy. It would help to find their weaknesses, and their advantages. His biggest advantage was that he never had to sleep and daylight wasn't his foe.

He had just crested the hill outside of town when he noticed the smoke. Lots of it. What was that from? As he came down the backside of the hill, the smoke shifted below and he could see that trees were on fire. Lots of them. That was awfully close to the plant.

He peered through the smoke to where the plant was....used to be. Shit! He slammed on the brakes. A shift in the wind pushed the smoke in the opposite direction revealing the few charred remains of the plant as well several acres of scorched earth around it. At least four fire trucks were spraying water all around. Police cars, their blue and red lights flashing in the early morning light, were parked around the area.

Damien slammed his fist several times on the steering wheel. Son of a Bitch!! How the hell could this have happened? Where was Kellan? Had Phury escaped? Was it the Brothers? A feeling of dread washed over him. Was it the Omega?

He turned the car around and headed back. He forced his mind to calm. He had to think. Take it one step at a time. Slow and methodical. That always worked. But the thought that the Omega might be involved kept rearing it's head. Wouldn't he just say something? Demand to see him? No. Not necessarily. He knew the Omega was one to pull the wings off the fly, very slowly, one at a time before moving on to each leg and then eventually the head. Christ, he was toast. #BDBB
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ForeLesser loses Phury 4.2.12
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