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 Phury Meets the ForeLesser 3.15.12

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Phury Meets the ForeLesser   3.15.12 Empty
PostSubject: Phury Meets the ForeLesser 3.15.12   Phury Meets the ForeLesser   3.15.12 EmptySat Mar 17, 2012 9:05 pm

Damien and Kellan entered the plant. Kellan stayed behind while the ForeLesser continued on to check on Phury.

Entering the darkened room, he signaled to the Lesser to come out of the room with him. Once out of the room, Damien asked, “How did he do during the night?”

Lesser T replied, “For the most part, he was fine. Must be having some bad nightmares, though. Squirmed and mumbled all night. Either that or he was reliving the old ‘pipe to the head scenario’ over and over” he said with a laugh.
Kellan walked up to them at that moment. “Patrol said they saw nothing around the building last night. All was quiet.”

“Since it’s daylight now, I don’t think we have to worry about the others” said Damien. “I want your team to stand down until an hour before sunset. Then I want them back here. Same as last night.”

“You got it” Kellan said. He turned to the Lesser. “Go tell the others and I’ll see you tonight”. He watched as the Lesser left and then asked the ForeLesser. “What are your plans today?”

Damien smiled. “I’ve decided to run some ‘experiments’” he said as they walked into the room. “I want to find out what makes these blood suckers tick. Set up the video recorder over there” he said, pointing to an area not far from the table that held Phury. “I want everything recorded. Did you bring the extra tapes?”

Kellan pointed to a box he had placed just inside the door. “Should be enough for 24/7 for 4 days. If you need longer than that, I can get more.”

“That may be enough. Depends on how forth coming he is with his answers.” Damien walked over to Phury and checked the straps. Still secure. Once Kellan had the recorder set up and running, he asked, “Shall we get started?”

He walked to Phury’s prosthetic leg, marveling at V’s invention. “I’ve never seen one this well made.” Noting the strap over Phury’s thighs was still secure, “He won’t be needing this” he said and took the prosthetic off. He examined the other leg making mental notes.

Walking to the head of the table, he leaned over and checked the damage to Phury’s face. “It’s already healing. On a human, this kind of healing would have taken at least three or four days.”

He grabbed a handful of Phury’s hair and shook his head. “Wakey, wakey!” Getting not much response, he said, “He looks like he might need a little more persuasion”. Looking around he noticed a small shaft of light had peeked out around the newspaper covering a window and highlighted the dust flecks along the shaft.

“This may do the trick, strictly for…scientific purposes, of course.” Damien looked around and found what he was searching for. A hand sized piece of dusty metal lay on the floor. He bent down, picked it up and rubbed the dust off on his sleeve. Perfect. Walking over to the sunlight, he placed the shiny metal into it and slowly guided it toward the table. Foot by foot it headed toward Phury. Damien watched as he guided it up the table leg. He aimed the light toward the outstretched arm and watched as the light rested on Phury’s triceps, fascinated to see the skin begin to smoke.

Phury began to moan and then cried out. “Well, I guess he felt that” Damien said, taking the sunlight away. He walked back over to Phury and looked at his face, seeing the eyes, glazed with pain, turn toward him.

“Morning, sunshine. Hope you’re prepared for an eventful day, because I know I am.” Damien smiled. “By the way, we haven’t been introduced. If you haven’t guessed already, I am the ForeLesser. And I am in charge of your activities for the day.” TBC #BDBB
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Phury Meets the ForeLesser 3.15.12
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