Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings
Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings

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Damien sat slouched back in the chair. It had been a week since the destruction of the meat packing plant. If the Omega had done it and was going to punish him, it would have been before now, he was sure of it. That left the Brotherhood. Somehow they had found Phury. But, how?

Hell, it didn’t matter at the moment how. It happened. Thank God he had had the foresight to keep the tissue samples, notes and recordings off site. He would be able to go back over his findings and study them further. Maybe through them he would find the answers he needed to bring down the Brotherhood.

He’d managed to find a candidate to replace Kellan. Now that he was sure the Omega was still in the dark, he would approach him about another bunch of recruits. One thing for sure, finding mercenaries wasn’t as hard as he thought it would be. They were coming out of the woodwork if you knew where to look. And they made the best candidates for his new team. Not afraid of a fight and definitely ready to get their hands dirty. The only drawback was finding one with just the right amount of drive without too much ambition. Knowing who was in charge was rule number one.

He got up and went to the table reaching for the card Richard Reynolds had given him. Time to take care of his other business. He had neglected this part of his work long enough.

He would make the re-supply rounds himself as well as picking up the new stock. He abhorred doing this part himself, feeling it beneath him, but, a good leader knows when he has to get his own hands dirty when needed. Once that was finished, he would give Mr. Reynolds a call and see what they could do to come to a mutual and agreeable arrangement.

Grabbing his leather jacket, he slipped it on and placed the business card in his pocket. Things were looking up. #BDBB
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ForeLesser 4.22.12
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