Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings
Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings

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 Phury Wakes 4.8.12

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PostSubject: Phury Wakes 4.8.12   Phury Wakes  4.8.12 EmptyMon Apr 09, 2012 12:25 am

{Consciousness returned quickly this time around and with it an understanding of where I was and what had gone down. Bless the healing powers of Chosen blood. Certain it was solely responsible for my improved state. The lingering effects of narcotics only a slight irritant. God damn Vishous and his drug happy medic-self.

Moving into a sitting position on the hospital bed wasn't as bad as I'd expected it would be. Although I was surprised to find that I was alone in the room. Smirking, I guess watching me sleep wasn't that big of a fascination now that I was on the mend.

After making short work of the IV's and taking a quick stock of what felt like mostly healing injuries, it was time to get myself the fuck out of this room. I'd had more than enough of being caged up. And my mood was as black as the putrid Lesser vomit I’d been spewing.

Looking around for my missing lower leg I noticed a box of truffles on the nightstand next to a bottle of water. After inhaling three of the chocolates, I downed the entire bottle of water in one long guzzle. Food was def the first order of business once I was back upstairs. Fuck the missing leg, fuck the invite to stay in what was once my home, and fuck anyone who crossed my path in the foreseeable future.

Dematting to the center of my large soft bed, I stretched out, comfortable for the first time in forever. And if my Brother's didn't want me staying in my old room, they were damn well welcome to TRY and throw me out of it.} #BDBB
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Phury Wakes 4.8.12
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