Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings
Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings

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 Phury Comes To 3.22.12

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PostSubject: Phury Comes To 3.22.12   Phury Comes To  3.22.12 EmptyTue Apr 03, 2012 10:44 am

{Consciousness returned to me suddenly with a spearing pain in my foot. Followed quickly by mirroring pains in my forearm and hand. Despite the intense pain, my head felt clear for the first time in… how long? A day, two days? I found myself still strapped spread eagle to a flat table and unable to move more than a few inches. The air was chilly on my bare skin and from what limited view I had of the aluminum roof and open rafters I was guessing this was some kind of warehouse or storage type facility, not a finished structure.

Just as I was remembering the ForeLesser and his mallet a second sharp pain shot through my foot. I had no idea the cause until I felt the weight of something moving up my bare leg and was able to focus my eyes down far enough to see a large rat standing on my hip. A rat. Great. At least they confirmed my suspicions about a wareho…another even deeper pain cut through my ankle. Son of a Bitch! More than one rat obviously. I tried to shake my leg enough within my restraints to dislodge the little fucker, but didn’t have any luck.

The sound of movement off to the side gave me the first hint that I wasn’t alone in what echoed like a large room. Not ready to attract attention to the fact that I was awake I stopped moving and closed my eyes. Biting down hard to keep from making any sound as I continued to supply First Meal for the rats.} #BDBB
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Phury Comes To 3.22.12
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