Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings
Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings

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 Rhage 3.4.12

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*Footsteps pounded on the concrete as I gave chase. I had caught two lesser by surprise as they were out for a stroll in the moonlight. Now they’d pay for their lack of attention. I could feel the hum of the beast, eager to be unleashed but I wrestled it back. I needed my inner animal to break free like I needed a hole in the head.

I followed them into an abandoned building, the paint cracked and peeling. I heard a metallic rattling and noticed they had run into chain link fence, obviously erected to safeguard the large industrial elevator from being accessed. I palmed a dagger, my lips stretching in a smug grin. My knees bent and my head and shoulders lowered as I dropped into a fighting stance. Ok motherfuckers. Let’s dance.

I rushed at them, my fist, anchored by the dagger, ruining a nose with a sickening snap. Black blood gushed out over my fist and I snapped my arm back to knock the second lesser flying. Broken-nose tried to wrestle me but the lesser didn’t have a prayer. My knuckles pummeled into him, bruising and snapping bone until he lay in a heap of ruined limbs, black blood oozing from his wounds.

My head turned to the second lesser. Aaah… a new recruit. I taunted him as he cowered against the fetid wall. Obviously his maker hadn’t been all that forthcoming about what he would be facing in the brotherhood. I sighed in disappointment. There was just no job satisfaction when they didn’t fight back. I slammed the blade into his chest with a disgusted grunt, turning my head to shield my eyes from the flash as the lesser disintegrated then turned and did the same to the mess that lay bleeding and gurgling on the grimy floor.

Straightening up to my full height, I swiped the dagger across my leather clad thigh, cleaning the muck of the blade then slid it back into the holster that crossed my chest with a soft metallic hiss. I rolled my shoulders then made for the door, sticking my head out carefully to ensure the coast was clear, then stepped back out onto the sidewalk.

I checked the Rolex on my wrist. It was almost 2am. I figured it was time to call it a night and headed to The Sting, nodding to the bouncer as I headed to the VIP entrance and back to a reserved table. My eyes scanned the crowd, bodies swaying and writhing to the beat, hands and legs clutching and grinding. My gaze Met sky blue eyes. She had blonde hair, falling halfway down her back, not primped and teased like most of the females. I arched a brow In invitation and even in the subdued lighting of the club, I saw her pupils dilate as made her way towards me, her hips swaying as she lowered her lashes coyly. I felt a frisson of irritation. I wasn’t in the mood for coy tonight.

I got to my feet, seeing her eyes widen as she took in my full height. As she reached me, I cupped her elbow in my hand and led her to the back of the club, using my hips to pin her against the wall. I ran my palms down the sides of her body, grasping her hips as I brushed my lips along her neck, trying to hide my elongated fangs. Fuck. I so didn’t want to do this, but my body needed it. I lowered my head and ran my tongue along her collar bone. Her lids lowered and as I felt her hips grind against me, I knew I had her. I drew my trench coat around us and gave in* #BDBB
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Rhage 3.4.12
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