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Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings

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 Tohr Rhage and Vhayne 1.2.2013

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Tohr Rhage and Vhayne   1.2.2013 Empty
PostSubject: Tohr Rhage and Vhayne 1.2.2013   Tohr Rhage and Vhayne   1.2.2013 EmptyWed Jan 09, 2013 11:48 pm


*Cocks my eye open and am immediately slammed in the brain with what feels like a commercial grade sledgehammer. The twinkling bulb from the overhead lights shouting a ‘Wakey Wakey, Tohr’, to which I reply with a hand gesture. I notice a nasty ass feeling on my tongue. The cottonmouth tasting like what I would picture to be growing in Murhder’s boots.

I let out a long, low grown as I lift my head from my desk, the training schedule I was resting on, glued to my face. Apparently, my drool makes a hell of a good adhesive. I look around to find, Rhage planking on the floor of my office and Vhayne curled into a ball, blocking the door. Both snoring like freight trains, hence the pounding in my skull. I scrape away the paper from my cheek, as the not so familiar twang of stomach upset hits me hard.

Major problem, as there is about five hundred pounds of passed out warriors between me and the door to get to the bathroom. I stand to attention, my green chair ricocheting off the file cabinet behind me, the sound of metal on metal blasting my eardrums.

I slap a palm over my mouth in hopes of keeping the dump truck load of soured alcohol inside as long as I can as I kick Rhage's legs out of the way. He obliges me and roles over murmuring something about his Mahmen and shuttlecocks. So not going there... Ever.

Vhayne, the stubborn ass doesn't budge, now matter how many times I kick him with my boot. Having no recourse, I bend at the waist and begin to pull on him.* Move you thick fuck. *I holler as the bile climbs the back of my throat. I reach the doorknob and pull with all my strength, rolling him out of the way, finally making my way to the locker room. And blessedly make it there in time to lose my stomachs contents down the porcelain drain.

Emptied for now, I lean my large body back against the tiled wall, the coldness like a balm to my skin. Knowing I am going nowhere soon, I get comfortable fast. Why? Why do I do this shit to myself. Happy New Year and welcome 1989.*

*Lost in a peaceful dream* Mahmen, bring me my racket and shuttlecocks. I feel lucky today. *I smile in my sleep*

-Is out cold unaware of the urgency to spew going on in the very office he's chosen to use as a makeshift bedroom-
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Tohr Rhage and Vhayne 1.2.2013
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