Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings
Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings

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 Zsadist 12.21.12

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-snarling viciously at the pale faced fuck who decided I'd be a good match for his dance card, I bare a grin filled with deadly blades and narrow onyx eyes as heavy boots carry me in three long strides and a sidestep to the lesser's side. Snapping out my fist, I connect with the undead's throat and watching without emotion as his legs buckle. Enough. It's still early and I need to feed. Put the shit off long enough, and if Phury even thinks about suggesting another visit from a Chosen, I swear to fuck I'll blow off his remaining leg.

Dropping a knee into the gut of the Omega's lapdog, the ring of a black dagger exiting it's sheath echoes against the sooty brick. The lesser's struggles multiply as his faded jades peep the blade. I press the tip to the hollow of his throat as my free hand pats down pockets, gathering a wallet and pager before I lean over his torso. Barking a grim laugh at his expression.- What? Never thought a walking-fucking-skeleton'd be the one to take you out? -With the speed of a cobra strike, my blade is slid down the bastard's broad chest before piercing his sternum, a sharp jab and twist sends the powdery fuck back to daddy and leaves me kneeling in a puddle of oily blood and ash. A smudge that'll go unnoticed among the other stains and grime that coat downtown Caldwell like a whore's lipstick.

Standing slowly, I scan the alley's mouth as I draw my blade against my leathers before replacing it in it's sheath. Briefly considering ignoring my parched throat... aching fangs.. my face screws up in disgust. Give me just one hour with the Scribe. Fuck the no questions bullshit. Why'd the bitch set up our biology this way? For fuck's sake, if I could go the rest of my life without ... yeah.

Turning to walk free of the alley, determined to get this out of the way before I can talk myself out of it, I prowl through the quickly thickening throngs of humans and civilians moving toward Zero Sum, aware I'm being sized up by the males who're lookin' to prove they have stones. Aaaand one by one, they turn away. I twist past a group of tiny human females, cringing as one turns to whisper to the other. No-fucking-way. Keep your head out of it, Z... let's just find us the usual and get the hell gone.

Keeping to the shadows near the back of the club, uninterested in the cat-and-mouse of striking a deal, my eyes zero in on a tall human whore. Micro skirt, chin length dyed pink hair. Nifty. Nodding to her, I stalk further into the darkness and anonymity the alley provides. I close my eyes as the sound of her stilettos click closer. Retrieving a roll of cash from the ass pocket of my leathers, I hold out the money and snatch my hand back an instant before her fingers would have touched mine.- Your hair. Put it up. -This one is at least smart enough to stay quiet, and complies with my demand without question.

Perfect. My voice is pure gravel as the "It" twitches behind my fly, like the damnable thing thinks it's gonna get a piece of this party. Traitorous fuck.- Turn around. -I bounce anxiously from foot to foot as she spins herself toward the brick, backing up when she begins to turn her head and reach one arm back to beckon to me.- Uh uh. We do this my way. -The pout she gives is worthy of an Oscar. In the space between breaths I've pinned her to the wall with my chest, one hand splayed against the brick, snaking the other around her throat to curl my fingers against her chin.. tilting her face up and away and leaving her neck perfectly bare. Her groan reaches my ears as her ass grinds against my groin, the tiny patch of her skirt riding up. Fuck. Me.

Squeezing my eyes shut, I strike hard and swift, drawing deep from the female's vein. Her blood's so weak. Nothing like the sweet, rich nectar that flowed from the Chosen.... STOP. For fuck's sake, just.. STOP! I close the twin punctures with a swipe of my tongue and ease the human around, ensuring she's stable against the wall. Her glazed eyes flutter open slowly, her smile quickly fading as she gets her first real look at my face. Damn. I'd swear it's my own dagger twisting in my gut .. but no. It's just the wave of horror that's flooding off the female.- Shh.. you won't remember. -I wave my palm in front of her eyes and find a measure of relief as her mind gives up the image of me.

She totters on her heels and leans back against the wall, her fingers mindlessly tucking the cash I'd given her deeper into her cleavage. I turn and march away from the club, a black clad wraith that vanishes with a thought. Thinking maybe this'll get my twin off my fucking back, pretty damn sure it won't, I wipe the drops of the female's blood from my lips and turn my attention back where it really belongs.- #HuntingSeason
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Zsadist 12.21.12
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