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Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings

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 Tohrment and Vhenom 11.19.2012

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PostSubject: Tohrment and Vhenom 11.19.2012    Wed Jan 09, 2013 11:41 pm

-My thoughts are a jumbled, chaotic mess as I lead Vhenom through hidden door at the base of the grand staircase. All this time, he was right under my nose, under the same roof, and I didn't know...never suspected. The sound of my boots echo off the narrow hallways. The only other sounds to be heard were our heartbeats. Both rapid. We round the corner and I open the door to my office- Take a seat son, and we'll see about patching up your nose.

-The kid takes a seat as pull down the first aid kit attached to the wall. I push my green chair from behind my desk and sit in front of him.

I draw in a deep breath as I wipe away the blood from his face- You shouldn't poke a sleeping lion, son. Anyone ever tell you that before?

-He stares ahead, eyes unfocused and glassed over. Yeah, kid... I know how you feel...nothing says I love you more than being pole axed.-His face clean, I stand and walk over to the file cabinet, removing his file and toss it on my desk.- I guess I know why your fathers name isn't listed in your personals now. Darius said we were taking you on as a trainee, no questions asked. End of story. -Sighing deeply, I scrub a hand down my face, feeling a little numb myself. Clearing my suddenly dry throat, I lean against my desk ankles crossed.- I can see by the stunned look on your face you suspect already, but I am here to confirm your suspicions.

Hharm is... was my father. -the kids face goes pale as he smashes his eyes closed tight at my news and his body starts to shake.-

I can see you're pretty shocked to know about me, as I am you. -God...looking at him, I can't believe he is real. A brother.-

*My heart feels like its going to beat out of my fucking chest and I feel like I am going to throw up all over his ugly ass green chair. No fucking way are we brothers. It can not be. How can you have a brother and not know he exists? I shake my head in denial as angry tears pool in my eyes* You're lying. You're a lousy piece of shit liar. *I scream the words, knowing deep down what he said was true. All one has to do as look at us together to see the truth.

My chin trembles as clench my hands into fists. I want to scream. I want to lash out. I want hunt down my father, the cruel bastard, and stomp his head in. All those years...God...all those years living with him and his abuse. His drunkeness and his fists. Always telling me I was a piece of shit. Of course, that was when he took the time to notice me, the Neanderthal. All this time...I thought I was alone.

I sit in that chair, barely keeping it together, swallowing repeatedly over the lump in my throat and that's when I look up. I look at the huge Brother standing in front of me and know he is allowing me to see the same haunted look in his eyes. He allows me to see the ghosts of his and raw. Just like me. I hiccup a sob, and the tears I tried so hard to stop, pool over and drip off my chin.

-I practically bend Vhenom's spine backwards as I rip him out of the chair and embrace him. I know what he's been through. I close my eyes tightly as I absorb his tremors.- I got you...I got you. You're not alone anymore. -Fuck me. If I had only known the truth. I would have taken him away, just as Darius took me away all those long years ago. Saving me from that animal, father. I said to him the two words he has waited his whole life to hear.- You're safe.

*The huge male is crushing me to him, shutting off my breath, but oddly it feels Good... Never been hugged before. It kinda feels like being smothered but in a good way. My hands are to my sides, not sure what to do with them. They tingle to do something. I even dare try? I reach them out finally, encompassing his waist. He is so huge, my fingertips barely touch and I let out a laugh at the notion*
You're. Really. Strong. *I finally croak out*

Vhenom's words reach my brain and I realize I have a death adler grip on him and step off- Ah yeah, sorry kid. -Grinning out the side of my mouth- I didn't hurt you did I? I sorta got carried away.

*Puffing out my tiny pre-trans chest* Fuck no. I may look small, but I am tougher than I look. *I realize I am smiling and am momentarily taken back by it. I have a feeling life as I know it, just got interesting. I take my seat, kicking my feet out on Tohrment's desk, crossing my tiny feet at the ankles as, wow, my brother, reaches in his mini-fridge, and hands me a beer.*

*Chuckling under my breath at Vhenom's relaxed pose, I roll my green chair back and take my seat behind my desk. I lean back, get comfy, kick my huge, booted feet out on my desk, crossing them at the ankles and take a long pull of my Sam Adams... And smile* #BrotherMine
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Tohrment and Vhenom 11.19.2012
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