Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings
Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings

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 Fore Lesser‏ and Benloise 10.9.12

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PostSubject: Fore Lesser‏ and Benloise 10.9.12   Wed Jan 09, 2013 11:40 pm

Damien paced back and forth restless as a caged tiger. Moretti had called asking him to come to his house to discuss business and before he knew it he ended up being babysitter to Benloise. And of course Benloise was more than happy to keep a one-sided running conversation going. And going and going and going.

He had tried leaving the room to get some peace, but Benloise just followed him like a puppy. How did Moretti stand it? Wait, that’s it. Now I understand, he thought. I’M the relief pitcher.Well if Moretti thought he was going to get caught like this again, he had another thought coming. Logan would be accompanying him on each visit from now on.

Damien threw himself into a chair and slouched down. Benloise followed suite never breaking in his marathon dialogue, droning on and on. “I thought my mother’s last
name Benloise would be better for business, don’t you? Azevedo is so common. Much like your Smith or Jones. I learned English from watching old TV shows. I think I learned good, no?” Christ! ‘Shoot me now’ Damien thought. After some time Damien couldn’t take it any longer.

He stood up and went over to Benloise. The kid looked up at him still talking. Damien pulled his fist back and punched him in the mouth, blood and teeth flying onto the Aubusson rug. Damien pulled him out of the chair by the front of his shirt. He punched Benloise in the stomach, receiving a satisfying groan. He let him fall to the floor. Pent up rage poured out of him. He pounded the little shit for what seemed like half an hour until there was just bloody pulp left of what was his face. Finally there was silence.

He stood up and staggered back to the couch, wiping blood off his face. He sat, exhausted. Then Damien watched incredulously as what used to be the mouth started moving and sound started coming out of the hole. What the hell? It was true. Benloise was still talking!

He blinked repeatedly as a pair of fingers snapped in front of his face. It took Damien a moment to realize he’d zoned out. Benloise was talking to him…still. He was just about to make his dream a reality when Moretti miraculously walked through the door. After making some lame ass excuse for his tardiness, Moretti said that he would rather discuss business another day.

Damien took the cue and hurriedly left before he did more damage than he could fix. He vowed to himself to never be caught in this kind of situation again. Killing Benloise, while satisfying, would ruin the partnership he had with Moretti. And until he could take Moretti out and take over, Benloise was strictly hands off. Damien smiled. Then…he would take his time and enjoy every long drawn out minute of it!
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Fore Lesser‏ and Benloise 10.9.12
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