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 ForeLesser 10.7.2012

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Damien left the warehouse, satisfied with the shipment tucked safely in the trunk. Things were settling in nicely. It had taken a few months to get into the rhythm of working with Rehv. It still creeped him out some to be working with a blood-sucker. At times it felt like the vampire was inside his head. Thank God that wasn’t possible.

Getting Ricardo Benloise up and running was taking longer than he had thought. He really didn’t want to work with him, but he was Moretti’s latest pet project. Benloise seemed to have diarrhea of the mouth. Damien knew his family history by heart now. French mother, Brazilian father…grew up in poverty…blah blah blah. He wasn’t sure but guessed that Moretti picked Benloise up for his latest boy toy rather than any real attempt at bringing him into the business. Whatever. Not his problem. Keeping him focused and capable of working without his constant supervision was, however.

Damien had hoped by now he would be spending more of his time on his next Brotherhood project. The Omega wasn’t going to be so ‘understanding’ much longer.

His thoughts drifted back to his interrogation of Phury. Only another couple of days and he was certain he’d have had the information he needed. He still wasn’t certain how the Brotherhood had found him. What had he done that allowed discovery by the Brothers? Had Mr. K miscalculated? If so, then Mr. K got what he deserved. Close and to the vest. That was the only way to keep leaks from getting out. Damien would have done all of it by himself if it had been possible. He ran a very tight ship and no one was going to cross him.

Logan was working out. He wasn’t quite as good as Mr. K had been, but he should work out in the long run. The Lessers were turning out better with each new batch. In the past, quantity was the only thing keeping the Brothers on the run. Since Damien took over, the quality definitely improved as well. The losses were either less or at least harder to accomplish. The Brothers hadn’t been expecting to confront an actual army. Yes, things were falling into place quite well.

Damien arrived at his new compound. Logan was waiting for him. He and some of the Lessers unloaded the trunk, then the Lessers hauled it all to the distribution building.

Logan stayed behind. “I got word that that scar faced Brother has been hanging out in Caldwell a lot… alone”

Damien’s interest was piqued. “Really?” Was it possible to have another Brother to interrogate? “Any sort of pattern that would help finding him?”

Logan smiled. He knew the ForeLesser would bite at that one. “Not yet. But everyone said he’s a real bastard. Don’t know if he’ll be as docile as the last one.”

“Pump enough drugs into him and he’ll be pliable enough” Damien answered. A thought occurred to him. “Any chance of getting a tranquilizer gun?”

Logan caught on and grinned from ear to ear. “Could be.”

“Find one. Then we’ll send word to our spotters in Caldwell and see if we can’t locate him.”

“You got it.” Logan hopped on his Harley and sped away.

Damien leaned against the car, lost in thought. He’d kept the skin and blood samples from Phury plus all his notes. Looks like it was time to pull them out and go over them again. He was sure that there must be something in them that would help him eliminate the Brotherhood. Once they were out of the way it would be nothing to ultimately kill the vampire race all together. Then? Well, the possibilities were endless.
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ForeLesser 10.7.2012
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