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 Phury’s Brownie Aftermath 9.14.12

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Phury’s Brownie Aftermath 9.14.12 Empty
PostSubject: Phury’s Brownie Aftermath 9.14.12   Phury’s Brownie Aftermath 9.14.12 EmptyFri Sep 14, 2012 11:50 pm


{My first sign that anything was amiss began as a searing cramping in my middle that brought me instantly awake, though slightly disoriented in my darkened bedroom. Moaning, I tried to roll into a more comfortable position on the massive bed, tucking my legs beneath me. The act of moving seemed to set off tidal waves of misery throughout my body and I realized I was in urgent need.

This was when a mad dash to the lavatory would be in supreme order, but during sleep I normally removed my prosthetic and tonight had been no different. With any kind of speed on two legs out of the question, I dematted. Taking solid shape just as an explosion hit me, forcing what felt like my entire insides to their new outside destination.
Panting slightly, I could do nothing to stop the biological havoc wracking my body and not being in control was very disconcerting. Where the hell had this apparent sickness come from?

Leaning my head against my chest I tried to just ride out the waves of misery. Knowing this would require a bigger clean up then usual; I mentally turned on the shower heads and started them running. The growing steam in the room seemed to have a slight calming effect. When it felt like the worst of the storm was over, I dematted into the marble shower and rested against the side allowing the hot water to sooth me. The showers built-in seat was at just the right height that I could rest my stump against it and achieve very good balance. This had proved to be a good thing on more than one occasion when too much smoke or spirits made standing a chore.

As I began to splash soap along my chest I tried to think back on what I had eaten that could have caused such catastrophic results. Really… the only thing out of the ordinary were Fritz’s brownies, and there just wasn’t any way something made by the meticulous Doggen would ever give me food poisoning.

Just as I had that thought, an extremely urgent wave hit me again and I dematted rapidly, only to have my wet soapy skin cause me to slide right off the side of my intended throne and onto the hard tile floor just as I became solid. Shit! Using the towel rack as leverage I hauled my ass (literally) back onto the commode. Realization that this wasn’t a random case of food poisoning came hard.

Groaning again in misery, I laid my head against the cool surface of the sink. It had to have been the brownies. But who would have left the mini time bombs? Then it hit me, just who it was I’d seen in the mansion halls yesterday… Rhage.

Wrapping my arms around my middle and groaning even louder as another wave of cramping pain tried to eviscerate my insides. I was pretty sure my misery had a name and a cause… and heaven help my Brother when I found out the truth of what I’d already guessed.} #RhageMustDie

What the hell is that awful smell? *I rap on P's door as I walk by* Dude, one word. Lysol.” *I shudder as I pass by* Rank bastard.
-open the fridge in the immaculate kitchen and pulls out a turkey- Snack time.

*walks into the kitchen in time to see Rhage inhale the last of the turkey* You should learn to chew your food.#BDBB
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Phury’s Brownie Aftermath 9.14.12
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