Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings
Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings

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 Phury 9.12.12

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{I tossed the large apple from hand to hand as I walked the last little way to Zsadist’s room. I’d briefly considered taking a bite of the shiny green fruit, but knew my brother wouldn’t touch the thing unless it was in perfect condition. Smirking to myself, had the apple been a peace offering for Murhder I could have eaten half the thing and he’d still be appreciative of the gift.

Reaching Z’s door I walked in without bothering to give a knock that would just be ignored anyway.} Hey, Brother…you here? {Looking around the room it was clear Zsadist hadn’t been here since the last time I’d bother to check. Mumbling to myself} Stubborn fuck {Knowing that he continued to avoid me to stave off taking the trainees out for some OJT.

Turning to leave, I noticed a small plate of brownies on the table next to the bed. Shaking my head, when was Fritz going to get it through his head that Z wasn’t about to eat anything like this left for him? Setting the apple down on the table I scooped up the tray with a grin. No sense in letting these delicious looking creations go to waste. I quickly stuffed one of the chocolate squares into my mouth whole and chewed.} Ummmm {The food here was such a bonus.

I’d passed Rhage on his way to the training room not long ago, so I had a good chance of making it back to my room with the entire tray of brownie-goodness.} #Score! #BDBB
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Phury 9.12.12
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