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 Vishous and Murhder 7.15.2012

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PostSubject: Vishous and Murhder 7.15.2012   Sun Aug 12, 2012 1:31 pm

[Snuffing out the butt of my smoke, leather clad fingers automatically reach for another hand rolled, tucking it between my teeth as I reach for my lighter. Putting flame to tip, inhaling deeply as the sweet Turkish spirals up over my head, I turn my focus back to the monitors.

Growling as I run the stats one more fucking time, diamond eyes narrow in frustration. The vision that still haunts me, down to mathematical equations. Dearest Scribe.. being left in the dark like this.. literally, in the motherfucking dark, was sending me into a frenzy of inaction. I need a distraction. Preferably involving a wiling female.. or three. Cranking up the stereo, my head bobs slightly to the rhythm of Megadeth's "Peace Sells, but Who's Buyin'".]

-His concentration was meticulous, his tongue clenched between fangs as he carefully circled the broken pool cue with that silver miracle known as duct tape. The music was just a white noise in the background as he tried his best to mend what he had broken and used to whip Z's ass with. He really had to not do many things he had broken recently.

Using a fang to nip a start in the tape and ripping it cleanly, he held up the repaired stick and examined it. With a nod, he headed down the hall and used the stick to poke V in the back of the head- hey...tell me if you think this will hold Vishous.

'tha fuck? [the ashes from my smoke scatter over the keyboard in a flurry when my head nearly bounces off a monitor] Fuckin' hell, M! [brushing my palms down the black tee, I snatch the stick from you and bring it close to inspect the patch job, lips curling in a fanged smirk.] Might last just long enough for one game.. maybe two. If you're lucky.

[Flexing my hand around the stick, I snap my bare fingers and cock a brow in your direction.] Might be able to put some steel to this, if you're hell bent on keeping it. [Tossing the stick back with a flick of my wrist, I shrug one shoulder and park the butt between my lips again.]

-Catching the stick with a growl, it wasn't what he wanted to hear. Though he appreciated the brother's offer it would not do- Steel would change the weight and balance..-turning toward the kitchen with the stick swaying in his large hand he let out a string of curses V's own father would have been proud of- cock-sucking-skinny-ass-sonofabitch-depressed-moping-cunt-sucking-motherfucker-made-me-break-the-son-of-a-bitch-over-his-fucking-head-next-time-I'll-kill-his-fucking-ass....Do we have any chicken?

[cracking a wide grin at the string of colorful adjectives flowing from the mountainous Brother's mouth, I haul myself out of my chair with a groan accompanied by a sharp spine snap.] FUCK! [Taking off at a jog down the tunnel, I keep my trap shut about the leftover baked ham... would make a perfect sandwich.. IF Rhage hasn't gotten to it first.] Hey.. not that it matters, but... what'd Zsadist do THIS time to set your big ass off? [backs off a step, avoiding a groin shot from the busted up cue.]

-Grumbling, the stick in hand, he shook his head, the long dread locks flying- the stupid son of a bitch asked for it...I mean literally wanted me to fucking kill him. Brought up the fucking bloodletter’s camp...why the hell man? why the fucking hell?

[Shaking my head as I duck around you to open the double doors of the industrial fridge open, peering inside.. my answer muffled.] Y'know Z's a fucking time bomb, my Brother. [Shrugs one shoulder as I reach in to pull out a platter containing what looks like half a pig] He's not as stupid as he'd like us to believe, and that.. right fucking there.. scares the shit out of me. [My lips twitch in a smirk] Matter of fact, M.. it's gotta be said. [pointing a gloved finger at you] He makes you look sane... relatively..

-Leaning the stick against the table as he followed V to the fridge, he virtually stopped listening when the pork was brought out and put to the table.- crazier than me...yeah...I'm not crazy brother I'm just fucking hungry. -using his fingers he pulled a large chunk of meat from the ham and shoved it into his mouth- damn that's good.

[Tossing a roll of paper towels on the butcher block, I snag a loaf of bread, Fritz's condiment carry-all thing and a carving knife.] No fucking joke, M.. what the hell does he keep calling the gatehouse? [My brow furrows in thought as I carve off enough sweet ham for a monstrous sandwich, grateful for the radio silence in the mental department when it comes to Zsadist.]

-Still chewing, he answers with his mouth full of ham- the pit of hell -he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand as he swallowed- fitting ain't it...the pit. Brother's got a dark sense of humor...and damn but he hates your ass. Mine too.

[Slicing the crusty bread horizontally through the middle, I fold the loaf open and begin to pile on layer after layer of ham, only varying with a few squirts of the spicy brown mustard I grabbed from the caddy, before resuming the layering. Giving a grunt in response to the status of Z's current state of anti socialism, laying the top of the loaf back on before I cut the monster sandwich in two, shoving one half of it into your field of vision as I open the fridge once more to pull out two of Tohrment's Sam Adam's. Casually tossing the bottle to you, I sit back down with my own… twist the cap and take a long pull. Bracing my elbows against the butcher block, I lift the sandwich in both hands and tear off a mouthful, chewing thoughtfully. Yeah.. Z hates me. The bastard has every good fucking reason to, Washing back the food with a swig of beer, I could give a shit if Z wants to play besties. The fucker's a killer. Stone cold. It'll be good to have him teaching the trainees. You didn't walk away if Z wanted your ass dead. These males were going to need to learn, and fast. Fuck Z's "problem" with how I deal with my shit. Stay out of mine, I'll stay out of yours.. true? Always the way to keep the situation here stable... or as stable as it can be with this much muscle and testosterone under one roof.]

-Eyeing the sandwich like it was the last bit of food in the world, his eyes lit up when V slid a half his way. Picking it up while the brother turned to the fridge, he pressed the last bite into his mouth before catching the beer and twisting the cap, downing the beer just as fast as he had the sandwich.

Wiping his mouth with the back of his hand once more, he got to his feet- all I know is the son of a bitch better stay out of my way. Thanks for the sandwich. -lumbering out of the kitchen, he headed across the foyer to the billiards room. The couch was big enough for a nap.- #BDBB
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Vishous and Murhder 7.15.2012
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