Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings
Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings

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 Phury and Zsadist 7-10-12

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PostSubject: Phury and Zsadist 7-10-12   Tue Jul 10, 2012 11:21 pm

{Apples in hand I took the back stairs two at a time and paused to listen just outside Zsadist's door. No sound. And no one had seen my twin since the evening Murhder had beaten him down in the foyer. Deciding that the isolation had gone on long enough I pushed open the door without knocking, knowing he’d just tell me to ‘fuck off’ if I did.

Leaning against the door jam I allowed my eyes time to adjust to the darkened room and gently juggled the apples I’d brought as a meager peace offering.}

-The darkness that surrounds me as I sit back on the pallet to lean against the wall, suitable to my mood. The bruises that Murhder had delivered, along with the cracked ribs and facial fractures, and healed. I still drew breath, but for the first time in months, my mind is clear. The episode with the Chosen buried deep in the dredges of my subconscious, not to be revisited... with any fucking luck. I'd nearly gotten Murhder to punch my ticket out of this wretched existence, but had come up short when my twin intervened.

Merely passing the time until my fucked up psyche decided to choke up another piece of the past, I hike up a knee and continue to run the whetstone along the already lethal edge of one of the pair of black daggers Vishous had forged for me all those decades ago. Finding a certain peace in the repetitive action, allowing all thought to pass through ethereally while the constant rasp of stone on metal takes precedence over all. With no interruption, I'd be ready to patrol once the shutters were raised. The only focus being that of bringing down another handful of the pale cocksuckers who seem to have gone into hiding. The pickings had been sparse, which could only mean they were gathering strength for another assault. Didn't fucking matter, I can sniff out the bastards in their hidey holes. Lessers can't fucking hide. Not from me.

My hands come to a stone cold stop the second my door's flung wide, the light from the hall bathing me in a swath of brightness I do not welcome. Turning midnight eyes to the intruder, I quickly scan over the mirror image of myself, with the addition of that wild mane of hair. Rolling bare shoulders against the wall, I resume the steady strokes of the whetstone and turn my face back to my work, my voice a harsh, irritated bark- What.

{Holding to my position in the doorway, not willing to risk being any closer after seeing the razor sharp blades in hand. I held no misguided illusion that my kinship would afford me any special protection, should using them be paramount in his mind. I lobbed one apple and then the second at his face with much more force than necessary.} Fucking nice to see you too Z.

-The whetstone falls from my hand as I raise it to snatch the first apple out of the air, ducking my head as the second skips off my ear.- What the FUCK? -Baring a full on set of deadly ivories, I clutch the dagger tightly in my fist and push up swiftly to my feet, standing in a defensive crouch, ready to turn to offensive with a shift of sinewy muscle.- You have five seconds to tell me what the fuck you came barging in here for, Phury. -Snarling wickedly at my twin, my uninvited, misguided savior.-

{Shaking my head and grinning} Sorry, five seconds won't be nearly enough time for this conversation.. and I've been "just fine" this last month or so.. thanks so much for your concern dear brother. {Now that Z had resorted to his usual fall back defensive position I felt safe enough to push away from the wall and walk slowly over to sit on the bed. Making sure to keep my hands well away from the many blades I also carried.} So... where have you been, Z? And why'd you decide to come back?

-Twisting my head from side to side, the tendons and joints in my neck giving out reverberating cracks as the muscles loosen, I flip the dagger in my hand end over end, catching it by the grip to send it flying across the room, it's perfectly honed edge skims past your head by a mere whisper, slicing through the air, and the ends of the hair that's disturbed as it passes before embedding with a twang in the mahogany of the unused bed's headboard.

Turning to the wardrobe, I busy myself with selecting a fresh pair of leathers, black tank and my shitkickers, mumbling...- I know you've been fine. I knew you would be as soon as the Cho... -shaking my head violently, I scrub my hand over my skull trim and squeeze my eyes shut.- I.. fuck, I had to get away from ... -heaving a heavy sigh- Yeah. I had to get the fuck away from myself... for a while.

-Stripping out of the running shorts I'd had worn for my workout, I drop them to the floor and step into the thick, broken in leathers.. tugging them up to my hips and fastening them around a hollow waist.- You know better than any why I came back. -My voice drops even lower in volume...- I needed you. To ... yeah.

{Trying not to flinch as the knife passes close enough to actually cut off a fairly good-sized chunk of hair. Lifting the now shortened hunk of hair and counting myself lucky that THIS time he'd chosen not to actually stick me with his blade, Z didn't miss.} I know why you left and regardless of what you might think I value my life, such as it is.. and don't intend to bring it up, ever.

{I watched as he geared up for the night's hunting.} Kid yourself all you want Z, we both know you could get any of those smelly white bastards to take you on as their punch-toy. God knows you've done it often enough before. {grinning again because I knew it would bug him and maybe get his attention} You just missed me....

-Grinding my teeth as the bastard grins at me like everything's just fucking peachy, all's well in the land of Brothers and the sweet smoke clings to you like a blanket. I yank the shirt over my head, taut muscles flexing as I tuck the bottom into my leathers with a shove before I turn and walk past you to pull the dagger from the wood.- Wasn't trying to hit you. Your head would be sporting a handle if I was. -I rest the dagger on my pallet next to it's match before hooking a finger into the chest harness, straightening it before fitting it into place. With a near silent, ringing hiss, the daggers are slid home and my eyes turn back to yours as I cross my arms over my chest.-

You're doing a fuckload of talking, but you're not saying what you came to say. Either spill it, or get your shit together and come patrol with me. Talk or not, feel me? Either way, makes no difference.

{Knowing being asked to go on patrol was tantamount to a huge apology and actually feeling a spark of excitement at the thought of the two of us hitting the streets doing what we do best.} I think I would like to go on tonight's patrol. Been a few for me. But you need to know that you and I have been handed a new assignment by Darius and Tohrment. In their great wisdom they've decided that it will be our 'privilege' to become the instructors for the new trainees they've lined up. So, welcome to our brave new world brother

-Tightening the straps on my chest harness, I drop my ass to my pallet to shove my feet into my shitkickers and begin to lace them. I lift my head, my expression one of sheer incredulity as your words echo through my mind.- Instructors? What the fuck? No way in hell I'm gettin' involved with the mongrels they drag into this.

-My twisted upper lips curls in a vicious sneer as my hands make quick work of the laces, tying them off before I stand again, one hand closing around the collar of the leather jacket as the other pats down the numerous pockets, checking and rechecking the ammunition and spare clips. I toss the jacket across the bed, sling my gunbelt around narrow hips, and palm the dual Glocks, running them through inspection in the space between breaths before tucking them in their holsters.- How the fuck... -Unable to meet your eyes as a wave of anger and shame rolls over me- I can't teach. Not me. Tell them to pick someone else, Phury. Anyone else. Not me.

That! That right there {points at Z's face} I'm sure that's the very same expression and reply I gave them. I got about as far as I'm sure you're going to get. I was given all this 'who better than you two' talk and how it's the only way to ensure that we have the strength in numbers that we need to take then down for good. {Standing up and heading for the door knowing I'd be followed.} I'm pretty sure there is no way out of this for us. Still, it will be fun to watch you try. {Once in the hall I stop to look back and am struck by the silent, still, black bringer of death I can clearly see. Thinking that if we did indeed have an army for HIM, nothing could ever stand before us.} Just take me a second to grab my gear. {grinning again} you know neither of us are on the rotation list for tonight....we are sooo going to hear about this. {laughing softly as I turn and head back to my room.}

-My voice a breath above a whisper as you step into the hall, knowing full well you can hear every syllable.- I .. I'm fucking toxic. I can't teach. Can't read. Can't write.. Tohr and D are fucking insane if they think they want my poison polluting a new generation of warriors. -Stuffing my arms into the jacket, I heft it's weight onto my shoulders and scrub both hands over my face, raking them down the back of my skull to clasp behind my neck.. closing midnight eyes against the very idea.- I won't do it, Phury. I .. fuck, I just won't do it.

-A wavering vision of the beautiful, delicate Chosen I'd.... shaking that back down to where it belongs by placing one boot in front of the other, closing my door with a click as I follow to lean against the silk wallpaper, crossing my shitkickers at the ankle while I wait for you to get your shit together, already slipping into the black mindscape of the slaughter to come this eve.. a dark twisted shadow of a grin touches my lips as acute hearing picks up the near silent sound of the shutters being raised for the night. I swing one arm down, bare knuckles rapping twice against the carved wood of your door.- Showtime, my Brother. #BDBB
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Phury and Zsadist 7-10-12
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