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Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings

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 Phury and Darius 6.20.12

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PostSubject: Phury and Darius 6.20.12   Wed Jul 04, 2012 12:24 am

{Stopping at the back door of the mansion I tried to stomp as much mud off my boots as possible. The last couple of hours had been spent in a fruitless search of the grounds for Phearsom. I think I'd looked behind every bush and shrub in the back garden, the little fellow was no where to be found. I had a growing suspicion that we'd probably never see the brave little goat-guard again. Walking into the kitchen to wash the dirt off my hands I vowed that if Murhder or Rhage ate him they'd certainly regret that meal for a long time to come.}

-growling at the pile of folders and stacks of papers balanced precariously in my arms as they threaten to shift, I pause when I hear the heavy footsteps entering through the back door. Turning on my heel, I maneuver past Fritz and the rest of the doggen, attempting to steer clear of their work. Crossing into the kitchen, a smile tugs at my lips as I lay my eyes on the one Brother I'd been hoping to run into today.- Phury, my Brother! -raising a brow at the mud still clinging to your boots- What have you... oh. Yes. The goat. -frowns, shaking my head- No luck so far?

-taking three large steps toward you, I thrust the stacks into your abdomen before you have time to protest, slips of paper that've gone loose swirl to the marble floor- This? Oh this is your newest ...project, shall we call it. -bending to retrieve the papers that had escaped, I tuck them between your thick forearms and the stack you now carry. I step to the side to open the refrigerator, reaching in to withdraw a bottle of German beer. I pop the cap and toast you with a wide grin before tossing back a mouthful- You, my Brother, will be the first official teacher in our new training facility. -takes another swallow, watching your reaction carefully-

Whoa.. {catching the armload of papers and juggling them a bit to keep from dropping the load. Realization setting in.} Oh no, no no.. {trying to thrust this stack of shit right back at you, and seeing you dodge with beer raised} Come on D. I'm not a bureaucrat, or a teacher. What the hell could I teach anybody? I wasn't even IN the camps.

-leaning back against the granite counter, I nod and raise my beer, tipping the mouth toward you- Exactly why you need to be teaching the new batch of warriors we'll be bringing in. You weren't already brainwashed with brutality, Phury. You have the instinct, and integrity to instill that most of us.. -gesturing specifically toward the gatehouse's hidden entrance- ..lack. We fight with honor, do we not? You, of all of us living under this roof, have the advantage of being able to impart a sense of understanding, of the vital importance of what we do... of what our entire lives are sworn to. -tossing back the remaining swallow before tossing the bottle into the bin- We need an army of not merely brute strength, my Brother... but of intelligence and cunning. The Bloodletter's ways were effective, in his time. Now? Now we need finesse. Feel me, my Brother?

{Speechless at the trust being given to me, by this brother who I respected above all others. Knowing that I would ultimately let him down as I always did. Only THIS time my screw up would be responsible for getting kids killed out there. I had to make him understand that there had to be a better option.} What about Tohrment? We all know he's a damn genius at this kind of stuff. I have a responsibility to my twin, D. You understand that right? Hell, I don't even know where he is at the moment. I need to get out there and do what I can for him. No sitting here {shaking the stack of papers at him} babysitting some Glymera brats!


-raising my arm to point my finger directly at your face, I narrow my eyes and speak with deadly precision- Hear me now and hear me well, Brother Phury. You and your twin are blood of my blood, as are each and every other warrior in this household I am proud to call Brother. You will do this because I chose you for it. It's time you rid yourself of the useless self-doubt and bring your knowledge and talents to bear. -lowering my arm, I scrub my hand over my cheek before continuing- You will find information in there regarding a female. Not just any female, but a female warrior. She's been seen in the area and I want you to find her. Watch her. If she displays the qualities we look for, you will approach her and offer her a place here. -shaking my head at your wide eyed gape- As for your twin, Zsadist will be back. His pallet, that damnable skull, they're still undisturbed, yeah? -nodding slowly- Then he'll be back. We'll bring him home again, Brother. I don't know what happened, nor do I care to hear the tale. What matters is that we bring him home and do what we can to bring him to heel. -turning brilliant blue eyes up to meet the eerie pitch black irises you display- Your twin will be teaching along side you. Hand to hand. -smirking humorlessly- Irony has it's place, indeed. -I walk purposefully from the kitchen, heading directly to the hidden stairs that will lead me to the tunnels, in turn directly to Tohrment's office to finalize the details of the first two trainees that will, with any hope, begin their lessons within the week.-

Phury ‏

{Knowing better than to open my mouth when I hear that tone coming from our leader. Mentally shaking my head and thinking this is going to a clusterfuck of epic proportions. And a female trainee? This just keeps getting better and better. But even as my mind began to race over all the things that I'd need to be doing in order to give this assignment any chance of success... I'm rocked at the news that Z will be expected to be teaching right along with me. Holy Shit! The two of us, in a position to foster the next generation of Brotherhood Warriors .

Watching Darius walk away my shoulders sag at the enormity of the situation before me. A few papers slip free and float slowly to the floor and all I can think about is that the first trainee to call Zsadist "Professor Z" was likely to die.} #BuildingAWarrior #BDBB
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Phury and Darius 6.20.12
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