Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings
Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings

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 The Return of Phearsom 6.7.12

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PostSubject: The Return of Phearsom 6.7.12   Thu Jun 07, 2012 8:12 pm

*Peeks out the cave opening, sees the Albino Goat guard a few feet away. Scampers back inside, plots an escape*

*Decides the coast is clear of the Albino Goat Gang, emerges from an empty tire and races through the woods. Rolls down a steep hill*

*Lands on a sidewalk... looks around totally lost. Spies a ramp going to the back of a big truck. Hops up the ramp, curls up on a blanket*

*Decides hiding might be good... crawls under the blanket. Sneezes several times... falls asleep. Knows the Goat Gang will never look here*

*Wiggles ears in sleep, feels them burning. Misses my treats ...tummy growls*

*Wakes to the sound of heavy metal doors closing and an engine starting. Jumps up and stares at the locked doors. Bleats loudly*

*Runs to the doors, head butts several times. Gets headache. Hops up and down bleating* {HEY! Its Arthur! Open up!} *Waits for them to open*

*Hates being ignored by a pair of steel doors...bleats louder. Hops back to the blankets, flops down. Wonders how a goat can be on the lamb*

*Hears the big doors of the truck open. Hops up, thinking my family is here to save me! Peeks around a box, sees no one. Bleats sadly*

*Spies a ramp going to the pavement. Hops down the ramp, streaks down the sidewalk and into a store. Hides under a table. Smells food* ---TBC---
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The Return of Phearsom 6.7.12
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