Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings
Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings

Gathering place for the collective minds of BDBB to hash out Story Lines, discuss events and share ideas.
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 ForeLesser 6.7.12

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PostSubject: ForeLesser 6.7.12   Thu Jun 07, 2012 8:10 pm

Damien was feeling hopeful about the latest batch of lessers. The Omega had been providing a steady flow and Logan was whipping them into shape. The skills he was drilling into them would at least keep them around for a while. It was better than just throwing them in front of the brothers to be slaughtered. It did slow the Brotherhood down, but ultimately it just meant a need for new recruits.
They weren’t experienced enough to take down a brother…yet.

At most, they would be lucky to do some damage that might make one more vulnerable for the more seasoned lessers to finish them off. Shear numbers helped sometimes.

Damien pondered the situation. He had to get a brother alone. Take one out at a time. Slow and methodical. He’d only heard of one that tended to be a loner. The ‘Scary Assed Dude’ from what he’d been told. One man demolition team with a bad attitude.

From what he heard, this brother definitely had a chip on his shoulder. He seemed to have a hair trigger and that could be used against him. He would have to give that further thought. That could be useful.

Recon and more intel were the order of the day. He was going to gather all he could on each brother and see where the chinks in the armor lie. There had to be something about each one that would help him figure out their habits and vulnerabilities.

And he was going to find them. Yes, indeed. Patience and diligence were definitely on the agenda. And he was good at that.

Business was progressing nicely. His supplier, Moretti, was bringing in a new man. Young punk named Benloise. Showing him the ropes. Damien knew he was one that should be watched carefully. He could see the ambition teeming just below the surface of that cocky little shit. Yes, indeed. He could recognize the same ambition he himself had had. And still did. He chuckled. Couldn’t fault him for that, but…better safe than sorry.

Once he wrapped up his business with Moretti and transferred the supplies, he’d move on to Mr. Reynolds. #BDBB
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ForeLesser 6.7.12
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