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 Murhder meets Prudence 5.5.12

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Murhder meets Prudence  5.5.12 Empty
PostSubject: Murhder meets Prudence 5.5.12   Murhder meets Prudence  5.5.12 EmptyTue May 08, 2012 9:47 pm

-His shitkickers hit the pavement from the backdoor of the Roxi, the buzz was sweet and so was the taste still on his lips. The female had been easy but liked to play. Absently, he rubbed at his shoulder where the scratch marks were already healing. Yeah, his night off had been just what he needed.

Closing his eyes for only the briefest of moments, he inhaled deep, taking in the city...and then frowned. Looked like his night off would be spent on a call in...fuck. There went the buzz. Heading off like a rocked in the direction of the stench, it only took one turn to find one of those paled out fuckers dragging the obviously drugged body of a young male civilian.

Planting his boots wide, he lowered his head to look at the enemy with the eyes of the devil- not your lucky night Lucy..-He was surprised by the fuckers speed, barely having time to twist out of the way of the switchblade, the civilian temporarily forgotten.

The fight was brutal, bloody and lasted longer than it should have but in the end, the only two remaining in the alley were of the vampire variety. Wiping his dagger on his thigh, he sheathed it before bending over the semi-conscious male. He reeked of alcohol, red smoke and something else...heroin?- fuck wonder you were ambushed… you're completely smashed. Digging for an I.D., he noted the address and took the kid up and over his shoulder.

Sticking to the alleys and shadows, he made his way for the neighborhood. Not bad, not Glymera but still not bad. Heading up the steps it dawned on him that this was the first one he'd found alive...his first contact with a family that actually had a happy ending.

Ringing the doorbell, he waited as he heard footsteps hurrying down the stairs. The female who answered looked alarmed when she came face to face with a warrior. Her panic quickly took to concern when she noticed the cargo- Kaleb! -Sliding the kid to his feet, he steadied him, keeping him from spilling out into the foyer.- Is this your son? –

The female nodded, reaching out to the kid and looking back in question- "'re with the Brotherhood aren't you? W..what happened?" -He grunted and moved past her with the kid in tow, dumping him in a heap on the couch- your kid is smashed…got hijacked by a lesser…his own damn fault.

-moving back toward the door, he had to stop suddenly to keep from mowing down a young girl, blonde...couldn't be more than twelve. Opening his mouth to scold the kid he paused, blinking at her face. So...pure...innocent and...grateful? Large blue eyes swam with unshed tears and gratitude?

Before he realized what was even happening, the female had her arms around his waist in a hug- "thank you, thank you warrior.. I dreamed he was gone...I was scared but you saved him. Thank you." -Stunned into silence, the brother looked up to the Mahmen who was making her way quickly to her daughter and pulling her away- forgive her my Lord...she...she worries so about her brother...Prudence!.. upstairs now! Leave the warrior to his business!" -Murhder blinked...unable to move until the child was pulled away-

"What is your name my Lord? I need to know it so I can tell him you saved him?" -The kid was persistent, even as her Mahmen ushered up the stairs and as she was pushed around the corner, he called to her, unsure why he would reveal his identity- name is Murhder.

-With those final words, he slipped out into the night, unsure why the young girl would effect him so- #BDBB
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Murhder meets Prudence 5.5.12
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