Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings
Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings

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 ForeLesser 4.25.12

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Damien started the car and headed back. He’d spent the last five hours picking up the latest shipment, parceling it out, refilling stock, picking up the week’s take and checking on business. He’d forgotten how much time it all took. Kellan had been one hell of a right hand man.

He remembered how, years ago, he had been in that position. God it seemed like a lifetime ago. He had managed to cram a lot in the years since he’d left home and when he’d been ‘changed’.

After ending the life of the bastard that bore the role of biological donor, he struck out on his own, leaving town and making his way across the country. Since his father had been one bad ass drug dealer, the police didn’t look too deep into the killing. One less dope dealer to worry about. Case closed.

He headed east as far as he could go and stopped when he came to the Atlantic Ocean. He’d always wanted to see New York. And there he stayed. He took whatever job came along, scraping hand to mouth for the first few years, but he loved every moment in the big city. The hustle and bustle made the blood in his veins come alive.

He had stayed away from the drug trade as long as he could, not wanting to follow in the old man’s footsteps in any way, shape or form, but he knew over time he had to be a realist. It got him the money he needed and was easy work.

And…he was good at it.

He’d been told all through school, when he went, that he was very intelligent. He moved up in the ranks quickly and within ten years was the fixer for one of the local mob. He was the one they came to when things needed a ‘special touch’. He had earned a reputation for getting things done quickly and quietly. Though the police long suspected him for many of the unsolved cases on their desks, there was never enough evidence to pin anything on him.

He had the world by the tail. Life was good. It was everything he had hoped for when he had left the dirty little town that had been home for the first sixteen years of his life.

His only regret had been Siobhan.

A car horn brought him back to the present. He shook the fog of memories from his head. He remembered he needed to call Richard Reynolds. He glanced at his watch. 11:15. He knew things had barely gotten started at ZeroSum. Maybe he’d call Mr. Reynolds and set up a meeting. #BDBB
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ForeLesser 4.25.12
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