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Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings

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 Zsadist Takes on Lessers 4.23.12

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PostSubject: Zsadist Takes on Lessers 4.23.12   Zsadist Takes on Lessers   4.23.12 EmptyMon Apr 23, 2012 10:41 am

-Cinching the chest harness tightly, my daggers hiss as I sheathe them in the thick leather. Avoiding my reflection in the full length mirror that stood to my left, I palm the freshly loaded Glocks and tuck them securely in the holsters at my hips. Sitting in this room, in this fucking mansion under twenty four seven has done nothing to improve my mood. I haven't fed in ...fuck, weeks? Months? Heaving a frustrated sigh, I scrub my hands over my face and curse beneath my breath. Rolling my shoulders, shaking off the ache as though I could force it to disappear, I slip from my room and head down the silent hallway to the head of the stairs. Cocking my head, I listen for any sign of the Brothers moving around on the main floor. Nothing. Moving down the staircase with all the grace and stealth of a ghost, I find my way to the kitchen, stepping around the doggen who watch me from the corners of their eyes, and close my hands around two green apples. Tucking one into the crook of my arm, I inspect the fruit in my hand before sinking my teeth in and cracking off a hunk.

Chewing slowly, determined to shut up the gnawing growl of my gut, my boots carry me out the door leading to the gardens. Standing as still as one of the many marble statues that guard the gardens, I methodically consume the apple in hand, and the one tucked against my chest before depositing the thin string of a core in the waste bin near the back door. My mind forms the exact location I intend to come together in before scattering my molecules to the wind.-

-Hitting the pavement at a jog, midnight eyes scan the alley next to the nightclub that opened a few weeks ago. The humans and civilians did what they seemed to do best. Gather and expose themselves like sheep to the slaughter. It was no surprise that at least six newly transitioned males had been found by the others in the past week. Shit, they were setting themselves up to be picked off. I'd joined this war to fight the enemy of our race. The scourge that the lessers bring wherever they swarm. Yeah, we're losing the fucking thing, not only because we haven't been organized, but because there just aren't enough of us to keep up with the Omega's never ending supply of soldiers.-

-Rounding the corner of Sixth and Trade, the unmistakable stench of sickly sweet baby powder assaults my senses. Baring lethal fangs, I pound toward the smell like a fucking bloodhound. Not two blocks away, I find the source. Three paled out lessers brutally beating a pair of civilian males into hamburger. The male closest to the mouth of the alley releases a groan, appearing to choke on his own blood as he turns to his side, battered eyes squint up to me before flinching.- Yeah, I ain't fuckin' pretty. -My voice filled with venom and anger- Get your fucking ass out of here, now. Party's over. -Turning my attention to the three who form a semi-circle around the remaining male, I kick my chin toward them and flash a humorless grin at the trio, my palms curling around the handles of my daggers and sliding them free with a metallic song.- 'sup girls? -

Without giving so much as a half second for a retort, my legs carry me swiftly to center stage, standing over the youth who's life's blood is now painting the alley's filthy ground with glossy crimson. Looks like another family will be torn to shreds. Another son lost, another Mahmen mourning. Fuck. Turning the full measure of my rage on the pale fuckers standing in front of me, I lunge toward the closest.. a six foot four mountain of solid muscle. Christ, the fucker must have been a boxer, or bouncer in his previous life. That singular thought repeated itself infinitely as I was tackled from behind and driven face first into the crumbling brick of the building, vaguely aware my nose had split open, my own blood jetting across the red brick in great, vivid gouts. Having kept a death grip on the daggers in my hands, I swallow a mouthful of my own tainted blood before turning the blade in my right hand, the muscles of my shoulder bunching as I plunge the steel without error into the center of the bastard's chest, resulting in the familiar pop-flash of a soulless agent of the Omega being called home. I duck low and spin, my senses dulled by the ringing in my head and the blurry wash that's robbed me of visual clarity.

Something solid, and boot shaped, connects with my jaw sending me reeling back, arms pin wheeling before I hit the same fucking wall. Barking out a sharp curse as my head bounces off the bricks, again, I can the idea of taking a ride on the fucking merry go round of my brain banging loose in it's pan and force myself to regain my footing. My twisted upper lip curling in a furious sneer, I bolt upright and sweep my arm in a wide arc catching the lesser who'd dealt the kick with a turn of my wrist. The balanced blade finding its mark, slicing through his thick, corded neck and nearly removing his head from his shoulders. Without a second look, I allow my dagger to hit the ground.. my hand pulling the Glock from my hip to fire a direct round between the third lesser's eyes. Won't kill the fucker, but sure as shit he drops like a rock, limbs twitching while his brain promptly disconnects from his nervous system.- Fucking hell. -I straighten, my head twisting on my neck as I turn my nose into the wind, scanning for any sign of backup in the surrounding area.

I bend to retrieve my discarded dagger and... FUCK! ..nearly keel right the hell over onto the chest of the lesser whose throat I slit. Barely recovering from the spins, my mind finally registers that I'm covered in blood. Not the black, oily, stinking mess that comes from fighting our enemy. No, couldn't be that easy. This shit's my own. Scowling deeply, I raise my hands, slightly alarmed at the quaking and shaking going on there. Christ, it's a miracle the bullet I put through the lesser's skull didn't wind up taking down a passerby. My grip on the dagger in my left hand slips, the finely honed steel clattering to the ground with an echo. What the..? Blood courses down my face, my shoulders, slick and hot. Knowing damn well I need to wrap this shit up and get my ass out of here, I bring a dripping hand up to swipe at my eyes, smearing the viscous mess and doing nothing to improve my sight.

Blindly searching for the dropped blade, I close my hand around the blade, ignoring the fiery sting and forcing it into the sheath with a growl. Finding the second dagger, angrily wiping my palm against my leathers before my fingertips find the handle, I raise the dagger and aim in the general direction of the big bastard with a second smile sliced into his neck. The instant the steel tip runs up against bone, I give a hard shove and twist, driving the blade home to do the job it was forged for. Panting, blinking against the rivers of red that cascade down my face, I stumble toward where I believe the lesser I'd shot lies.

My shoulder bangs against a dumpster with a hollow clang, jolting the agony that had conveniently displaced itself to ring loud and clear through my skull. A random thought crosses my mind of whether or not I may actually die here tonight. On the heels of that, a fuckload of I really don't give a shit. The loss of blood must be greater than I'd realized.

My shitkicker knocks up against what has to be a body. I drop to my knees, using my hands to pat over the wide chest.. up to the face and over the forehead. Finding the bullet hole with my fingers, I move my hand back to the chest, raising
my arm I bring the dagger down hard and swift, blind to the resulting flash. Gathering the last vestiges of my strength, I return the blade to its proper place against my chest and inhale a long, slow double lungful of the cool night air.

Focusing my thoughts on the only thing that will stand a chance of ensuring I come together in one piece, in the right place, I relax my limbs and bring the thick, multi-colored hair and pitch black eyes of my twin into focus. Releasing my breath at the exact moment I send myself into the air.. a silent prayer leaving my lips that I make it back in one piece... long enough to know that he's still there, and safe.- #BDBB
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Zsadist Takes on Lessers 4.23.12
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