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Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings

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 Wrath and @CoffinGurl 4.4.12

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PostSubject: Wrath and @CoffinGurl 4.4.12   Thu Apr 05, 2012 12:37 am

OMG @BrotherWrath changed his avi! #HolyHotness!

[Not moving an inch I cast pale green eyes over to you from behind my wraparounds]

*melts into a puddle* Wrath... you just make a female.... *pulse quickens*

[Smells the change in your emotions. tilts head to you] I just make a female....?

* bites lip* uhhmm... forget her name for one... *fans self, crosses legs tighter*

[The corner of my mouth twitched, continuing on with my blades] Then I will call you female,...until you recollect your name.

*giggles* I have no problem with that, Wrath... I see you are working on your weapon *chuckles softly*

[Runs a thumb over the blade feeling my skin tear open, the wound closed as I reached for another] Yeah. Got shit to do later.

*DAMN* uh huh * licks suddenly dry lips* I unfortunately cannot stay to enjoy your handsome self *pouts* nasty meetings...

[Gives a nod in your direction] Have a good day, female with no name.

*giggles my ass off*
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Wrath and @CoffinGurl 4.4.12
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