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 Zsadist Awaits Word 4.3.12

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PostSubject: Zsadist Awaits Word 4.3.12   Thu Apr 05, 2012 12:33 am

Zsadist, Murhder, Vishous, Tohr

-Wearing the same grimy, blood stained and shredded fighting clothes I'd had on when we taken Phury out of that... fuck. My twin, in captivity. Just. Like. Me.

A deadly snarl hisses through my clenched teeth as I pace before the clinic's doors. Taking the intel I'd been given, I've been kept out by the one fucking Brother who I can't bear to get within ten feet of. Vishous. Christ. The one of us sorry bastards that has real medical training. Didn't that just serve to piss me the fuck off. That twisted fuck needs to get my brother patched up. It's my responsibility to do the watching out now. MY fucking twin.

Heavy shitkickers clocking against the tiled hallway, I make a turn and pace back to the opposite end of the hall, coal black eyes flicking to the side.. catching the training center that had to be new. Damn, Darius. Perfectionist motherfucking dandy that happens to know his way around a battle. Yeah, great.-

-He had waited for the chance to check on give the brother some time to get his shit together. Fuck but it was bad…way worse than any of them could have imagined. Unable to stay away any longer, he headed down the tunnel to the makeshift clinic, not surprised to see Zsadist pacing a hole in the floor. Approaching cautiously, he knew better than to sneak up on Satan himself and offered a nod in greeting- How is it?

-If the footsteps hadn't clued me in to who just entered the hall, the thick accent sure as fuck did. Narrowing my eyes toward the mountain on legs, my scarred upper lip twists as my molars grind.. spitting out.- Would have been better if I'd gotten there sooner. - sneering with disgust as my shoulders hunch in.. long legs carrying me past the training center once more as I mutter.- He shouldn't have left to come live here. He shoulda known better than to count on any of you.

-He frowned at the angry brother's words but didn't dispute them verbally. Yeah, they should have gotten there sooner...and he would have to live with that guilt as well as Z would. But he didn't agree that living together was the problem- look my had nothing to do with the living arrangements...-He had come to agree with Darius' plan actually, despite having to carry the beeper box-

-Stopping mid-step, I ball my fists tightly.. the knuckles cracking as a wave of icy air presses against the walls. The low and deadly growl that emanates from my throat precedes the swift turn I make to face off with Murhder.- The fuck you say? If he didn't come here... if he stayed with me. If he stayed with me... -FUCK. Sure as shit staying with me never did him any good, but at least he'd been able to fight. Able to have his precious red smoke when I aggravated the shit out of him.- If he hadn't come HERE, he wouldn't have been THERE. -Midnight eyes glare with menace into the strange peach stare that's locked on me.- It's BECAUSE he was here that this ..-points toward the clinic.- THIS happened. Fuck! How long did it take before you bunch of girls stopped painting each others nails and watching each other model clothes before you noticed he was even gone? -Pointing a finger dead center into your chest, hissing through fully bared fangs.-

-Yeah the brother was pissed, but for all the wrong reasons, he didn't bother to hide the smirk that crossed his lips before his own fangs parted them as agitation grew in the normally laid back warrior.- so you're saying if he had not been would not have been such a fucking cocksucker when he sought you out? Is that -With the last word, he shoved the finger away and spat on the ground in front of Z's shitkickers, a gesture meant to challenge in the old country-

-Yeah, that was it. The interior voice goading, grating on my last fucking nerve. If I hadn't been such a stubborn piece of shit, my twin wouldn't be straddling the line between here and the Fade. If the ever fucking Brotherhood hadn't... if.. if…if…if.

The final gossamer thread snapping, sending all the tinker toys in my head collapsing down, I close the distance between myself and Murhder, the hand that had been shoved away swinging in on a roundhouse punch that lands against the giant jaw that mocks me with a smirk. Bouncing back on my heels, I crouch into a fighting stance... all the anger and frustration... the crippling guilt over my own twin having undergone a horror so similar to my own. Was only a matter of time before one of the bastards hit the right button. Shooting out another jab to the sternum, I bark out..- Looks like it's your lucky day, motherfucker.

-With the contact, his giant head snapped to the side, whipping his hair about like some Motley Crue slow motion video. He had barely turned back to the mad brother before another blow to his chest had him stumbling back on heavy boots.

The growl that emitted from his chest was more beast than vampire and he charged the aggressor with such force, the door beside them rattled on its hinges when Z's tall but thin body was slammed against the wall along side it. Spitting out blood and hair from his lips, he snarled as he held Zsadist by the throat against the wall, every breath releasing a mist of blood and spit. Getting nose to nose with the black eyed fool, he spoke in the old language as fluidly as if he had been in the old country yestersday- my brother you are angry, and you've a right to be but we are not enemies..not yet. The man who makes himself my enemy doesn't live very long...I don't want to kill you.

-Tremors running through lean sinewy muscles, the hand that's closed around my throat is just a hair away from stopping my breath short. I draw in the acrid scent of the patience you're drawing on running thin with a taunting smirk.- Do us both a favor, will ya?

-Clasping my hands tightly around your forearm, my fingertips digging into the rock solid flesh as I draw my leg back.. bringing my knee up to give a hard crack where it counts, hissing out as I work free of the grip at my throat and dematerialize to the room they'd assigned me upstairs.- Don't dick around with it. Drop my ass in your enemy column now.

-HOLYMOTHERSCRIBEFUCKINGVIRGIN, why the fuck hadn't he seen that one coming. With the contact of Z's knee to the Murhder family stones he hit the floor, forcing himself not to vomit the lamb and peas Fritz had made for Last meal. As a cold sweat broke out over his forehead and healing lip, he rolled along the floor holding his goods. The curses were in the old language as well and he used them all with what little breath remained in his lungs-

[Hearing the sound of a fucking tractor trailer hitting the floor of the hall outside the clinic, I slap a piece of tape over the IV in Phury's arm, slamming through the swinging doors in time to catch sight of Murhder curling into himself. Considering the agonized expression on his face, and both of his hands cupping his crotch, I'm betting he didn't just stub his toe on the baseboard.] Fucking HELL, what happened to you?

-cracking open his eyes as V's shitkickers came into focus, he was able to squeak out one single letter- Z...-he gasped for breath and squeezed his eyes tightly shut once more- Z...knee..motherfucker...

[Cocking a brow, my own groin aching with an echo of the pain my Brother is in, I jog back to the clinic to grab an ice pack. Snapping the activator, I shake the plastic bag as I run back and kneel at @Murhder_'s side, muttering..] Motherfucking maniac. Having that psychopath under this roof is gonna come back to bite us on the ass. [Laughs humorlessly] No one fucking listens, true? [Pressing on your shoulder to roll you to your back in the middle of the hall, I slip into your mind carefully, imparting a calm to allow you to drop your hands from your jewels.] This'll help, Murhder. A few deep breaths... and I'll pass it on to Tohrment that you'll be off rotation for a few nights. [Wincing as I gingerly place the ice pack against your groin, my mind spins with the how's, why's and what-the-fuck's] Think you can get back to the gatehouse, or am I carrying your big ass there?

-taking a few gulping breaths, he moves to take the ice pack from V as he rolls so his knees with a nod- I got it.

[My right arm shoots out to offer balance as the huge brother hauls himself to his feet.] Jesus, Murh. You look like you got fucking crop dusted and run over with a semi. [Stepping back as he stumbles down the hall, I head back to the clinic to keep my eyes on Phury. Zsadist's twin wasn't out of the goddamned woods yet. Not physically.. and sure as fuck not mentally. The few lucid moments he'd had during the last forty eight hours had been filled with the wide open eyes of a terrified animal of prey, his words incoherent and strained through a throat that had been surely screamed raw. I approach the bedside once more, glancing at the monitors before prepping another dose of morphine, should he need it when he wakes. I lean back against the stainless steel counter, my arms crossed over my chest as my mind takes me in a dozen directions.. first and foremost, what the FUCK do we do about Zsadist now.] #BDBB
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Zsadist Awaits Word 4.3.12
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