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 Phury and the Wizard 3.30.12

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PostSubject: Phury and the Wizard 3.30.12   Tue Apr 03, 2012 10:57 am

{Shaking from sick exhaustion and the need to catch my breath. I don't understand exactly what has been done to me but I have little doubt that I am truly dying. The explosive expulsion of what can only be Lesser Blood covering me and the table around me. My insides loudly attesting to the hell that is now within me. This evil is trying its best to consume me and it's only escape is through the continued retching of the foul fluid. Straining against the bonds that hold me, mindless with the panic of drowning in this shit. I am alone in this living hell.}

-Juggling the eight pearls of pilfered memories that had remained so carefully hidden, I approach the barrier of mist that encompasses the the wasteland. A shrewd expression dominating gaunt features, I slip my fingers into a wide pocket and catch each morsel as they descend.-Not so alone, lad. -My crackling voice muted as I carefully prod the mist of Phury's mind.- We still share the same space, m'boy.

{Through my misery I'm able to see the approach of the Wizard, and for the first time in my life feel grateful that he's come. Sure that he must be here to end this and take me back with him to Dhunhd where I expect to remain. Trying to speak through the sickness} Wh.. took you so long fucker? {Collapsing from the effort to speak a few words.}

-Giving a slow shake of my head, thinned arms crossing over my chest as I kick up a small cloud of bone dust from the ground.- Been here through it all, chap. -Raising a brow as I chuckle- Have to say, all this distraction has been entertaining. -Heaving a great sigh, I step closer to the barrier, the solidity weakening to allow me a glimpse of what I hadn't seen while wandering the decimated and smoking forest.- This won't do. It won't do at all. -Scowling deeply, my morbid countenance transforming to a parody of sorrow- If anyone's going to take y'down, it's not going to be the wee pissant who prides himself on sour wit. By gods, man.. it will be by your own doing, you and I both know that.. right, right? -No way in Dhund will I allow another to claim my fame or steal my spotlight. This wreck of a Brother is mine to tear down and destroy. My own pace, in my own time. After all, when he goes.. I go. And I'm not quite ready to call it quits. Not when I've only just received such glorious gifts to be savored over decades.-

{With no energy left to spare on your self serving rant, I just keep my eyes closed and try to breathe and hold back the sick} So glad I can amuse you... my life is now complete. {Managing a choked laugh} At least I Do take you down with me, justice that is.

-Stomping my boots against your wilted brain matter, I shake off the dust and spread my hands wide- Of course you're giving up. Why wouldn't you now? -Scoffs haughtily- Taking yourself out o'the viddy will make it all go away. Bollocks. You're overlooking something with this grand plan of yours, mate. -Tilting my head to the side, a wry smirk tugging at grim lips as I nibble slightly at one of the many tidbits I'd gathered, my visage taking on the appearance of Catronia... all lush blonde locks and commanding stature. My own raspy voice echoing through the wasteland- You haven't completed your rescue mission, my dear boy. -Slipping ever closer, full feminine lips pressing nearly into the barrier of mist- Your twin is not saved. You can't let go. No matter how far you've come, or how far you've run Your journey is not complete. -Smiling wickedly, the vision wavering as I explore the fissure that's opened wide- You need him, m'dear boy. You aren't going to leave him to suffer alone, now are you. -A statement, not a question. My own excursions have yielded a vast bounty of gems- Now let go of that pesky Mhis you're holding on to and concentrate on getting that vile substance outta yer innards.

{Hating to appear to do anything directed at me from my eternal tormentor, I couldn't hold back the wave of retching. Even more black blood spewing forth to cover the table. This time mixed with a healthy dose of red. When I could again breathe enough to speak I weakly smiled in his direction.} I've got them right where I want them.

-Allowing the comely form of the bitch Mistress to evaporate into the ether, I run bony fingers through my hair.. pushing my hood back in the process to reveal sunken, calculating, shadowed eyes that bore into you with fierce determination, bringing forth a flicker of a recollection of Zsadist chained to the pallet he'd spent a century upon. His hair wild, the buttery yellow eyes you'd shared turned to pitch that never recognized you for who you were. That still remain closed and cold. Shifting gears, I punch a hole through that sight a stroll through overgrown gardens... reciting a litany of promises that had flown free over the freshly dug grave of your mahmen.- Prove. Me. Wrong. -Scraping through the mist with long, cracked fingernails, I search for the trigger that will cause the hateful Mhis to fall. To lure you to the past... to lull you into releasing the self-destructive desire to allow the sickly sweet fuck to win.-

{God the visions playing in my head, so real, like yesterday. I can smell the basement room where Zsadist was chained. I can almost feel the weeds in the graveyard of the gardens. Hate for the Mistress, hate for destruction of my twin forever laid at my feet, hate for the Wizard, continuing to fuck with me until the last, but mostly hate for myself. The mental and emotional over load something I can't push push away. My last conscious thoughts were of drowning...}

-A slow, wicked grin spreading over a wasted face, I slip into the crevice that's existed from the very moment of Phury's conception, and off shoot of the separation into the twin halves that would become he and his twin. Tapping that connection with careful strokes and cautious maneuvering, I set free a beacon of need, a distress call to the one who shares his very DNA. My host may be bent on meeting his end. Sad for the bloke, really. I have no intention of releasing him from my manipulations. Where else would I have such a perfect environment to practice my favorite activity? Not going to be relegated to the nothing he envisions, I crank that valve up a notch and let out a triumphant coarse laugh as the rivers of the twin bond flow freely.- #BDBB
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Phury and the Wizard 3.30.12
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