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Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings

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 Phury Awakens 3.29.12

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PostSubject: Phury Awakens 3.29.12   Phury Awakens    3.29.12 EmptyTue Apr 03, 2012 10:54 am

I gradually came back to consciousness from the sweet respite of oblivion. I’d lost count of the number of “experiments” inflicted by my sadistic captor, each designed to be more painful than the last, only ending when I could no longer hang on to the reality that was my existence. Gathering what reserve of strength I had, I concentrated away from the constant pain and tried to cloud the area around me in mhis. I didn’t actually believe that anyone from the Brotherhood would be willing searching for me. But they were a fucking honor-bound lot; guilt and duty might just force someone to make the effort. I did not want any of them to suffer more with myself as the root cause.

I was sure of one thing, I was going to suffer and die here, but I was not going to compromise the Brotherhood on my way out.

The ForeLesser had removed the strap across my head during one of his more imaginative attempts to get me to talk and the extra head movement allowed me to see what I originally had believed to be a large warehouse, was really only a much smaller storage building.

As the memory of that session returned, I couldn’t stop my tongue from running over the hole in my mouth where one of my fangs use to be. Having it pulled out with pliers hadn’t hurt as much physically as it did psychologically. In fact, quite a few of ForeLesser’s entertainments had been geared more to see if I’d break than to seriously wound. Making me think he was keeping me alive for some specific unknown reason. But I’d been given no food or water and what felt like very little time in between “sessions”. I could feel that some of my injuries had healed, thanks to my vampire nature, but this was happening slower. Soon, without nourishment, I wouldn’t be able to manage it at all. Death was moving closer.

To help keep my mind focused and as alert as possible I wondered about the Fade and Dhunhd. Sure that the latter would be my final destination. I’d failed at this life from the moment of my cursed birth, and had taken others along for that ride. I’d failed to save my twin from his captivity at the hands of the Mistress. I’d failed in my efforts to the Brotherhood, needing the crutch of more and more red smoke to pull me though my nights. No, not a relaxing eternity in the Fade awaiting me. In my minds eye I pictured Dhunhd much like the wasteland where my Wizard dwelled. Desolate, ash covered, dead to all life and hope. Certain now that it had always been my future destination. The Wizard was just providing small, teasing glimpses into what lay ahead for me.} #BDBB
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Phury Awakens 3.29.12
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