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 Getting Ready for the Awards Dinner 3.24.12

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Getting Ready for the Awards Dinner  3.24.12 Empty
PostSubject: Getting Ready for the Awards Dinner 3.24.12   Getting Ready for the Awards Dinner  3.24.12 EmptyTue Apr 03, 2012 10:49 am


Tohrment and Vishous

[Tries on my dinner jacket and checks the table reservation for the RP awards] Remind me why can't I wear my leathers again? [Reaches up and tugs on my collar] I feel like I'm choking to death in this. [Shouts} HEY, Fritz, can you find me a leather suit?
I wonder if I leave my suit out, would Phearsom eat it? One can only hope. [Tosses jacket on my bed, kicks off my dress shoes and tosses my slacks with my dinner jacket. I put on my shorts and sneakers for a workout]

[strolls from the tunnels, sharp eyes taking in the Brother all decked out with a smirk] Nice threads, Tohrment

Bite me, V. Your monkey suit is in your room. You're under orders to attend.

[barks a laugh] Uh, yeah.. I'll get right on that. [walks past, knocking my shoulder against yours as I head for coffee]

[grumbles under my breath] Dick!
I'm sorry, Vishous does your pooter hurt? We have a job to do, quit your bitchin’ about it.

[growls quietly, firing back] Yeah, let's talk about that "job" that needs working on. You on that alone?

[pinches the brim of my nose] Now is not a good time to piss me off, V.

[digs right the fuck into that wide open comment] From my point of view, it's the perfect time. [cracks a grin]

Do us both a favor for once. Shut the fuck up. [Slams the door on my way out to check for Phury and Zsadist] #BDBB

Vhayne and Katana

-His boots thundered through the alley, around corners and through the standing puddles of water. Damn the fucker was fast. If Darius even suspected he was out here alone he'd get the lecture but...fuck that. Who cares? He wasn't planning on hunting tonight, just getting his shit from the bar after turning in his notice. It was sheer luck that he had been carrying the two spare daggers loaned to him by Vishous. Rounding yet another corner just in time to see the dude’s sneaker flash down a darkened space, he drew the daggers, thankful for his years of training with a private master-

Following my prey from the rooftops, his sickly sweet smell drifting up to me, causing my throat to spasm slightly. My internal warning system has never failed me. I run to the edge of the building and leap to the ground, landing softly on my boots.

It is then that I hear the second person running. Heavy footsteps running behind lighter footstep. Grinning slightly. Two opponents. Fine with me. I draw my sword and drag the tip along the pavement, sending sparks in it's wake.

What the Fuck! -the greasy sucker zigged in time to send him crashing bodily nto Katana Hanzo before he could dig in his boots and stop. Tumbling to the ground with her, he rolled and shot to his feet, daggers ready and good thing. He raised them in time to stop her sword from canoeing his forehead- FUCK! -the cling and ping of steel on steel echoed through the alley, giving the lesser time to escape- GOD DAMMIT! -who the hell was this female and why the fuck was she trying to take his head off !-

Almost upon the dredge, I raise my sword to take his head, when from around the corner, an mountain of a man runs into me. Being grasped in hands of steel, we fall to the ground and roll. We both rise into a fighters stance, weapons raised. I swing my blade.

At the last moment, he parries my sword with his daggers. Fast...he is so very fast. Not a wasted motion...He is very skilled.

At long last...someone to challenge me. And then I get a look at his face. High cheekbones and a long patrician nose. Ice blue shinning eyes Massive shoulders that taper to a slender waist and long legs that are planted firmly. Perfect. I take his measure as he does mine.

-If he wasn't worried about that well sharpened blade slicing through his jugular, he would have actually enjoyed the fight. She met him blow for blow and then... suddenly...there it was…she was distracted enough. He noticed the way here eyes took in his form and he made his move to capitalize on her slight moment of weakness. Grabbing her wrist, he twisted, maneuvering the sword from her and shoving her back from him. -

Standing there in shock, I can't believe he removed my sword from me. Never in all my years has anyone wrested my weapon from my grasp. 'Give me back my sword, toad, and I shall let you keep your head.' I take a step forward, a murderous look in my eyes.

-He scoffed a laugh- toad? You think I don't see the way you look me over female? -spinning the sword in his hand expertly while sheathing the daggers he cocked a crooked grin- come and get it. -He laughed again, damn she was fast but...luckily still slightly distracted- one condition.

I leap forward only to have him expertly avoid my attack. He looks more the playboy, not the warrior. 'Give it to me, now'. Having been caught off guard with his smell and his appearance, I freeze in my tracks, suspicion radiating from me. ‘What condition?' I glare across the alley at this massive male.

there's this awards thing. I need a date. -brow raise- Interested?

Standing there staring at Vhayne a look of shock on my face. 'You want me to go on a date with you?' How dare he bribe me!

-the look was smug as he nodded- show up at the awards and you’ll get this back -with that he winked and dematted-

I stare, mouth agape as he vanishes. What kind of male is he to take someone's weapon and then bribe the owner with a date? With steely resolve, I place my hand upon my hips. If it's a date he requires, then that is what I shall give him. One he will never forget.
I dematerialize to my apartment, to make ready for round two. #BDBB

Shayde and Rehvenge

Making my way through my bedroom to the ensuite bathroom, my eyes fall upon the lovely dress hanging on the front of the wardrobe door. It wasn't often that I had the opportunity to wear such fine attire. My employment at ZeroSum didn't really afford much in the way of "tasteful" clothing. Not that I minded. As I start the shower and begin to undress, my mind drifts to the conversation I had previously with Rehvenge when he requested I escort him to the awards event taking place this evening. I had the feeling he was a male not wishing to form attachments, therefore, I was a logical choice. A female from the glymera might misinterpret such an invitation and expect more than Rehv was willing to give. Besides, this evening's excursion could result in a very nice bonus for me. Smiling to myself, I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around me. Drying off briefly, I made my way to the bed to slide under the cool sheets for a few hours of sleep before preparing for the evening. Drifting off to sleep, I am undecided as to which I'm anticipating more. The dress... or the company.

Smoothing down the skirt of the pink and grey corset dress, I take in my appearance in the full length mirror with a critical eye. The doggen did a wonderful job with my hair and make-up, and she tightened the corset just enough that I could still breathe comfortably. All I had to do now was wait for Rehv, finding myself hoping he would be pleased with my attire this evening. #BDBB

-Pulling the Jag into the driveway of Shayde's condo, I leave the car running and step out to make the short walk to her front door. Nice digs. Could be nicer. The female is doing me a great favor tonight. For that, she'll be compensated richly. I'd nearly disregarded the invite before learning that a prospective business associate would be in attendance. Fucking. Perfect. I adjust my shirtsleeves and ring the doorbell, flashing a winning smile to the doggen who greets me and rushes off to locate her mistress. Chuckling to myself, I think back to a time when those I stood before didn't run. By reputation or the inner sense that I differed, it never failed to amuse me.- #BDBB

Tohrment and Alice

With head tilted under the jet streams, I groan from the lingering pain in my head. The heat of the water, easing it somewhat. I would rather be poked in the eye with a sharp stick then get dressed up, but it’s Darius' wish for us all to attend the awards ceremony
I owe my old friend that much to go. I scrub the soap over my tired muscles and watch the bubbles circle the drain before disappearing.

Toweling off, I lather my face with shave cream and attack the stubble with my straight razor.

I dress in my perfectly pressed black slacks, crisp white shirt and gray dinner jacket. Black shoes finish the look. I refuse to wear the black tie and toss it back on the bed. Popping a few more aspirin, I wash it down with a Sam.

I sit in a chair and stare at the flames from the fireplace.

Later, exiting the Limo, I walk up and ring the doorbell to Alice's house and wait for her to open the door-

-tosses back the remaining dredges of sweetened liquor, speckled eyes scan the door for the Brother Tohrment as I hum to myself-

-dropping the glass to the floor, no mind paid to the crashing of crystal, I jump like a jack-in-the-box and hurry to the door in a rustle of silk, bare feet slapping the hardwood.

Tearing the door open, I flip a curl behind my shoulder and grab onto Tohrment's arm without pretense.. declaring..- I'm ready! Let's go!

-trying to hide the smile at Alice's exuberance, I escort her to the waiting Limo and help her inside.- You look lovely, Alice.

-flashing a smile that showcases tiny fangs, I give a half curtsey and bounce on the balls of my feet- Why thank you, Tohrment! You are truly a sight to behold! Vishous said I'd be in good hands. -laughs with delight-

Rhage and Melina

*I tugged at the collar of the shirt I was being forced to wear, grumbling under my breath* stupid motherfucking cocksucking piece of useless shit. Who's idea was it to wear a fucking noose around your neck anyway? *I loosened the tie slightly, desperately sucking in the cool air. The only saving grace was spending the evening with the ever lovely @_MelinaVamp on my arm.

I couldn't hold back the broad grin that was plastered on face at the mere thought. But that couldn't make up for having to be trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey. And this shirt and tie thing? Fuck me. No thanks. I couldn't help it. Color made me itch. I got up and sorted through the shirts in the closet, finally pulling out a black one* Oh thank the Virgin

*Snatching my keys from the dresser, I jogged down the stairs and out to the courtyard to my GTO. Not exactly a limo but it was pristine. I had promised to pick @_MelinaVamp up as any decent gentlemale would. I snorted a laugh at that. As if.

Still laughing, I started up and headed out the large gates* #BDBB

*Pacing around nervously, I awaited my pick up for this evening. Not only was I attending the #RoleplayAwards tonight, I was accompanying a Brother. And not just any Brother. The Brother Rhage. I felt honored… and sick to my stomach nervous, but I hoped I would calm down soon. I wasn't much for fancy clothes or places, but I would make tonight work. I didn't want to look like a fool in front of everyone.* #BDBB

Murhder and Prudence

*I couldn't stop my big yawn as I left the bedroom still stretching. The sun had only been down a few minutes and I wasn't sure that I wanted to be up yet. But I had a lot to do. Big night ahead. Smiling, I could see Murhder still asleep sprawled all across the crazy couch. It was a wonder that the thing held him and that he didn't fall off onto the floor.

I really did need to talk to Murhder about moving us to a larger place. He needed his own space, even if he didn't realize it, not to mention he needed a bigger bed. I'd had the offer on the flat for awhile now and had to make a decision soon. But tonight was NOT the night for that discussion. It was going to be stressful enough for him. I knew he had no idea about what was coming... the Red Carpet, all the people wanting his attention. Just the amount of people alone would be difficult for him. I think maybe alcohol will be needed, as well as, humor on my part at least.

Taking the throw pillow off the chair, I used it as it's name suggested and threw it at the snoring Warrior. Laughing at his reaction I called out* Morning Sunshine...*saying even more brightly* I'll get food started if you'd like to hit the shower first.*Not waiting for any answer I padded off to the kitchen thinking #OperationCleanUp was now in effect.*

-He swatted at the pillow and grumbled as he sat up, his hair sticking out in haphazard tangles. He didn't bother arguing about the shower and stumbled half asleep toward the flats only small bathroom. Closing the door behind him, he leaned his forehead against the wall and caught a few more z's before reaching to turn on the shower-

*Getting food on the table didn't take any time at all since I'd planned ahead the night before. Suddenly remembering something I dashed into the bedroom and knocked on the bathroom door.* Murhder don't forget to use the conditioner after you wash your hair! We'll never get a comb through it without it.

*No sound from the bathroom except the running water. Knocking louder I yelled* You better not be asleep in there! *This time hearing a groan I started laughing and went back to the kitchen to wait.*

-He had made it into the shower and now stood swaying on his feet as the hot water beat down on him. Cracking open bloodshot eyes, he glared at the two bottles at the end of the tub. Bad enough he had to do the With a groan, he reached for them both and slowly but surely did what she had asked.

Stumbling from the shower, he toweled off poorly and wrapped the white sheet sized cloth around his waist before coming out. The smell of the breakfast led him by his nostrils to the table- smells good.

*I let Murhder work his way through breakfast while I grabbed a quick shower myself. Slipping into the white dress I'd chosen was fun. I felt almost pretty for a change. I wasn't used to wearing flattering things and this dress seemed to hang just right on me. I hoped the suit I'd ordered for Murhder would fit him.

Returning to the kitchen he hadn't moved an inch from the table.* It's time for you to get dressed we have to leave soon. They are going to want to talk to you on the way into the Awards.

-Looking up as she entered the kitchen, his fork dropped to the plate with a clink- -Getting to his feet, he couldn't keep his eyes from her...only able to nod as he followed her into the bedroom-

Okay Murhder ... this is what you need to wear *Holding up my hand before a protest can even leave his lips* No, you can't just wear your leathers. This is a special outing and they expect us to be dressed up. It will be fine, really. Come out as soon as you're done and I'll help you with that hair.

*Grabbing my own brush I left him to it, with a silent prayer to the Scribe that it worked out*

-Walking out into the living room, he felt more like a funeral director than a warrior and with shoulders slumped, he looked to her- I look like a pussy.

*Looking up to see Murhder coming out of the bedroom all dressed up, left me speechless. Wow! He cleaned up really, really well. Laughing at myself for the reaction and telling myself to get it together, I was finally able to say something to him.* You look very handsome, M really. I'm looking forward to showing you off. Come and sit down and let's see if we can do ANYthing with that hair.

-Dragging his feet, he moved to the chair she indicated and sat while she tried her best to make sense of the madness-

*Trying to drag the comb through Murhder's hair was nearly impossible, even with the conditioner and after a few tries I was beginning to think that maybe it was a hopeless cause.* You have the thickest hair I've ever seen.

-Letting out a few "ouches" and curses, he agreed with her.- said my Mahmen..

*Getting an idea, I quickly grabbed an extra hair tie off the desk and just pulled the entire mess all back away from his face into a ponytail. Stepping back to check out my handy work I had to admit he looked really good.* Murhder you look really nice *Leaning forward I impulsively kissed him quickly on the lips.* This is going to be fun, you'll see.

-So ready to protest the pony tail, the kiss took his words completely...perhaps it was the suit. Getting to his feet he smiled softly- you look…good enough to eat.

*The "good enough to eat" remark gave me the shivers. Covering as well as possible* Okay, you ready? We need to demat. Remember I'll be right beside you the whole time.

-He nodded, amazed that her words actually soothed him and dematted right behind Prudence to the #RolePlayAwards

Pandora and Vishous

*Walking into the suite’s bathroom, gazing at the splendor of how the Brotherhood live on this side.*Staring at mine self in the looking glass, which the doggen refer to as a mirror, my long hair that will be pinned and coiffed.*Turning this way and that in amusement of such luxuries as being able to see mine reflection, other than the waters on the other side. *Fingertips graze over the vanity with all the powders, creams and sticks of lip color, which are to be masking my face,*as the female doggen advises it is make-up. I laugh to mine self at all the preparation that I must do for, Sire Vishous this eve.*It is a pleasure to serve, one such as him, for this occasion. Must speak with the doggen on when I must start preparing.*

About to leave my borrowed room at the mansion, taking one last glimpse of mine self in the mirror for Sire Vishous. Bowing to the doggen. *I carefully make mine way down the grand staircase to await mine escort. #BDBB

[Growling as I blow a lock of hair from my eyes, after the fourth attempt I finally get the fucking silk tie knotted properly around my neck. Why the fuck grown males would want to slip a noose around their own throats, willingly, was beyond me. I place my palms against the marble sink, taking a close look at myself in the sparkling mirror. Yeah. Great.

Bringing my hand up to tug at my hair in an attempt to camouflage the tattoos at my temple, brilliant eyes pick up the dark circles of insomnia. Christ. Not like they'll see them, true.]

[Storming from the tunnels, I sweep @Pandora_Ehros into my arms, carrying her outside and dematerializing to the Brotherhood's table]

*Tired from raisin patrol. Sleeps soundly, bleats softly. Dreams of the island and chasing sand crabs*

*Peeks around Darius' door, bolts in and hops up on the chair. Grabs the small silky thing.... peels back out the door*

*Darts into Phury's room, hides under the bed studying my new loot. Feels it catch on my collar, can't shake loose. Bleats*

*Watches all the giants leaving, wonders where they are going* [stealth mode]

Maia and Darius
*Takes a long luxurious bath... lays back and closes eyes for a moment. Thinks of Darius and the evening ahead. Smiles softly*

*Looks in the mirror one last time...pleased with the fit of my dress. Runs my fingers over the silky fabric* This is perfect *smiles*

{Slipping my feet into my shoes, I turn to gather my tie to complete this evening's ensemble. Scowling at the chair where I KNOW I'd set the damn thing only minutes ago. What the...? Perfect. Bending to look under the chair before I straighten and scratch my head, I walk to my bureau to choose another.} You're losing it, D. This shit with Phury and Zsadist is eating your fucking mind. {Descending the stairs as I unerringly tie a Windsor knot and hit the tunnels to check on Vishous.}
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Getting Ready for the Awards Dinner 3.24.12
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