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 Vishous’ Nightmare 3.22.12

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Vishous’ Nightmare   3.22.12 Empty
PostSubject: Vishous’ Nightmare 3.22.12   Vishous’ Nightmare   3.22.12 EmptyTue Apr 03, 2012 10:46 am

[Scrambling to grip the sheets, my fists twisting the fine silk until the threads split and tear as my entire body goes rigid with terror. It's gone. Everything we'd worked for, fought for... erased. The Brotherhood has been exterminated and the laughter echoing in my mind carries the deepest, darkest tone of self-satisfaction I'd ever heard. I am no more. Essence trapped in a suffocating void. Their names, the gruesome semblance of the ruined tatters their faces have become, their screams resounding over and over in the barren nothingness where I find myself confined.

As the human mind cannot comprehend the value of zero, I am beyond recognizing neither boundaries nor the passage of time. How long have I been here? Where the fuck is here? Think Vishous! The ebony nihility allows for one thing only. The aspect of thought is still within my grasp. Therefore I must exist... in some sense. Attempting to sort the grains of memory is tedious, but fruitful. If I had form, I'd have vomited. What becomes clear in the eternal obsidian vacuum are recollections of a massacre. Blood., bone and viscera exploding in a spectacular conflagration. Each fragment of agony multiplied and enhanced until I'm unable to separate them from one another.

Tumbling past the horror in a swirling vapor of ethereal omission, the solidity of the mattress beneath me becomes tangible. Pushing up through the steel bonds of the nightmare vision, the sense of the void and all its suffocating pressure, I register two things that strike an ice cold rapier through my very soul. The sickly sweet stench of baby powder and that vile, gut wrenching laughter carry me through to a throat ripping scream.

Closing my jaw with a snap, I open translucent eyes to the pitch black of my bedroom. Grounding myself as my head whips to the side to view the glowing red of the digital clock on my nightstand, I swallow past the choking fear and unclench aching fists from the shreds of my sheets. Holy. Fuck. I hadn't been visited by this vision since January. Then, I hadn't been able to place more than a whisper of the magnitude that it entails. Now. Well shit, now I've got something to work with, true.] #BDBB
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Vishous’ Nightmare 3.22.12
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