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 Phury Awakens 3.18.12

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PostSubject: Phury Awakens 3.18.12   Phury Awakens  3.18.12 EmptyTue Mar 27, 2012 3:04 pm


{Coming into semi-consciouness, able to at least focus enough to hold onto the sounds around me. The sound of water dripping somewhere, a faint whooshing sound, a fan of some kind maybe? A slight rustle of movement off to the side gives me a moment of panic, is that the Wizard coming back to continue his invasion into my deepest thoughts? Knowing I would be unable to keep him out, but unable to understand the reason why.

Trying to force my still fragmented thoughts into some kind of order I notice that my body seems to be stiff, and my slight unsuccessful attempts at movement only increased my confusion. Why wasn’t I able to move? Even my head seemed rigidly help in place. The light behind my closed eyelids was still too bright, better not to open them anyway, more information was needed before I revealed my increasing awareness. My natural instinct for self-preservation prevented me from giving anything away. Better to wait and see…

Just at that moment I felt something grab roughly into my hair and shake my head a bit with the demanding request to wake up. What the fuck?! I didn’t know this voice and still couldn’t form all the sensory pieces I’d ferreted out into a cohesive view of my reality. My hair was released and the sound of voices near me confirmed for me that I wasn’t alone wherever “here” was.

I continued to lay as unresponsive as possible, although that was becoming increasingly difficult as reality gradually returned to me. Something as very very wrong.

As if on queue I felt a spot on my arm suddenly begin to burn with intense fire and I was unable to stop myself from trying to arch away from it and yell out. My mouth covered with.. tape(?) prevented much sound from escaping. Mercifully the fire was extinguished fairly quickly leaving behind radiating pain from the damage to my skin.

Trying to suck as much air in through my nose as possible I finally have to open my eyes. After blinking against the stabbing light my vision clears enough to reveal the pasty white skinned face of my enemy and I hear "I am the ForeLesser. And I am in charge of your activities for the day". Fuck me} #BDBB
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Phury Awakens 3.18.12
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