Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings
Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings

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 Fritz Discovers the Mess…Again 3.17.12

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Fritz Discovers the Mess…Again   3.17.12 Empty
PostSubject: Fritz Discovers the Mess…Again 3.17.12   Fritz Discovers the Mess…Again   3.17.12 EmptySat Mar 17, 2012 9:16 pm

Fritz opened the front door, arms loaded with grocery bags. As he headed for the kitchen, he caught a flash of green at the top of the stairs. He turned to look, but saw nothing. It must have been a figment of his imagination he thought and proceeded to the kitchen.

Once there, he stopped in his tracks. He was utterly speechless. The refrigerator door was open, a cottage cheese container had been spilled on the floor, a smashed pizza box lay on the floor and looked like it had been...eaten? Jars lay in disarray on the shelves contents were all over the inside. He noticed the nice cheeseball he'd made before he left was missing.

He set the grocery bags on the counter and sat down in a chair looking at the chaos before him. Glancing down at the floor he prints? He looked closer. Yes, hoof prints. He knew some of the Brothers had talked about a human celebration ...what was it? Saint... something... Day. They must have partied indeed to have trashed the kitchen so. And by the looks of it, they brought an animal in with them.

As much as he enjoyed having the house full of boisterous males and now had plenty to do with the cooking and cleaning, there just had to be rules. First the greenhouse and now, the kitchen. He would have to broach the subject with Darius. It wasn't conducive to the running of the household to have such chaos. If they wanted more to eat, they should just say something. He would be more than happy to get them whatever they wanted. But the havoc they have wrecked upon the kitchen time and again, well...

Sighing, he got up and returned to the car to retrieve the rest of the groceries, then would gather a few of the doggens to put the kitchen to rights again. Then he would think of how he should approach Darius. He supposed he would need to bring up the greenhouse as well. He wondered, could you use the expression 'Boys will be boys'? #BDBB

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Fritz Discovers the Mess…Again 3.17.12
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