Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings
Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings

Gathering place for the collective minds of BDBB to hash out Story Lines, discuss events and share ideas.
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 Phearsom Hides 3.17.12

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Phearsom Hides   3.17.12 Empty
PostSubject: Phearsom Hides 3.17.12   Phearsom Hides   3.17.12 EmptySat Mar 17, 2012 9:15 pm

*[In Hiding] Bleats a thank you for #FFs/mentions to @WithoutSunlight @ShellanTrue @Neanyray13 @CoffinGurl @heycarrieann17 @samanthakane25 *
*[Still in Hiding] Bleats thank you for #FFs/mentions to @elliemom @Absinthe_Alice @lentzypoo @Zenawanabe @Haidee_Lords @vampyre_j @Phury_ *
*[Covers head with dish towel] Bleats thank you for #FF/mentions to @Cameo_Lords @BDB_Beginnings @Mariketa_IAD2 @Vihhar @VsCoffinGurl *
[Currently Incognito] *Bleats thank you for the RT/congrats...pulls dishtowel further over head*
*Peeks out from under the grand staircase...sees no one...Tummy growling, hops to the kitchen. Pulls open the fridge door, stares at contents*
*Begins pulling out fridge contents, looking for watermelon balls. Watches as a large bowl of salad falls to the floor, contents strewn across the floor. Pulls out a pizza box onto the floor. Hops on it to make sure its dead. Eats part of the cardboard. Returns to the fridge. Pulls out a freshly made cheese ball, watches it roll across the room. Scampers after it gobbles it all down. Runs back*
*Sticks head in a cottage cheese container, accidentally snorting half the carton up nose. Shakes head trying to get it out, bleats loudly*
*Stops bleating so can breathe, mournfully stares at reflection in fridge door.* [No one will fear a pickle.. and the raisins will laugh]
*Stares over at the leafy green potted plant. Wonders if we are kin. Bleats sadly...shakes head trying to get the cottage cheese out*
*Looks at the kitchen floor at the curious green hoof tracks. Eats a surviving pepperoni off the flloor, sidles down the hallway back to my hiding place under the grand staircase. Paws at nose, pulls dish towel back over head. Needs a better place to hide*
*Curls up in a green ball, bleats sadly. Wonders if the Witness Protection Program takes goats. Green ones. Mopes...falls asleep* #BDBB
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Phearsom Hides 3.17.12
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