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Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings

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 ZeroSum Opens 3.14.12

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PostSubject: ZeroSum Opens 3.14.12   ZeroSum Opens   3.14.12 EmptySat Mar 17, 2012 8:58 pm

[Squaring my shoulders, amethyst eyes blazing with mirth, I watch shrewdly as the wide stainless steel and glass doors are opened for the first time. The humans and civilians that stand behind the deep purple velvet rope, decked out in club wear that would find them arrested for indecent exposure anywhere else, file in past Trez as the Moor dutifully checks IDs and ushers the patrons in.

Nodding to each, an artificial smile hiding the calculating mind that's reading each grid as it passes. Imbibing bits and pieces of raw excitement, lust, anxiety and greed. Oh yes, the bars are stocked. My people are in place to distribute everything from ecstasy and coke to methamphetamine and marijuana. The VIP lounge is filled with dim lighting, plush banquettes and excessively beautiful girls. All geared toward serving and satisfying the pleasures and vices of the affluent and separating them from their green. The money I'd lavished upon my establishment paled in comparison to the bounty I will reap.

My face a mask of utter calm and filled with welcome, I turn to meet the grey eyes of my newly appointed head of security. The one who shares my secret purely because she is as I am. Another half-breed, Xhex and I understand each other as no one else can, or ever will. A solidly forged arrangement has kept us tight for years. She controls her Symphath side with pain, much as I do. Whereas I'd much prefer a beat down to quell the urges, she wears her cilices beneath her leathers.

The respect we have for one another bleeds into an alliance that benefits us both. Fighting and feeding, the mental tug-of-war which is mere foreplay to our kind, keep us on the level. As level as we ever can be given our circumstance.

Turning to whisper instructions to Trez regarding capacity and keeping the masses at bay, I turn and walk through the crowd. A pathway forming as notice is taken of the huge, solid male that moves through them. A murmur behind shielding hands, questioning if the color of my eyes are actually contacts. A fuckload of "Who the hell is THAT?" echoing in my wake.

Stepping past the velvet rope to enter the VIP lounge and make my way to my office, I place a warm hand on the shoulder of Shayde, a quietly sensual female who'd nearly been killed at the hands of a civilian John.- You look amazing, female. You remember what I told you. Any problems, any concerns. You come to me. No hesitation, no trouble too small, yeah? -Squeezing gently, I nod as she truthfully answers.- "You've got it, Reverend. Thank you again, I'm so grateful for... everything."

-Closing my fingers around the handle, I enter my office and close the door behind me. Removing my jacket to lay it across a plush chaise, I plant my ass in the soft leather of my chair. My eyes turning toward the monitors, a slight tinge of crimson tainting the screens as I indulge my inner hunger... and envision so much more.- #BDBB #ZeroSumNowOpen

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ZeroSum Opens 3.14.12
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