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Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings

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 Darius Meets Vhayne 3.11.12

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PostSubject: Darius Meets Vhayne 3.11.12   Mon Mar 12, 2012 1:19 am

{Staring in disbelief at the security tapes playing back before my eyes, I drag my fingers through my hair with a growl. What the FUCK was Vishous thinking? Bringing not one, but two females to the mansion. Seems our security 'expert' doesn't mind breaking his own fucking rules when it comes to his personal time. That bullshit doesn't fly with me. We're here because we nearly lost warriors in that horrific explosion at the nightclub. Hell, the Brotherhood would be down to two if the goddamn bomb had done what it was intended to, and thank the fucking fates that it didn't. Punching stop on the VCR, I snatch the tape out and slam through the security room door, furious with the lapse that could find us vulnerable... again.}

-He had given up on asking questions after the last few had gone unanswered. He had caught the look from the brother who was driving but neither he nor the one who practically kidnapped him were saying much. As they drove the view from the windows got foggy and he had a sneaking suspicion that it wasn't just fog. Finally entering what looked to be huge fucking gates, he took in the view of a large stone house and whistled low, mumbling under his breath- nice set of stones, brothers..

[Giving nothing but a grunt in response, my hand's opening the door as Tohr pulls the Suburban to the massive stone steps leading to the dual doors of the main entrance. Nodding to Tohr as he utters a "holy-fucking-shit", the Brother's mind had been filled with questions as he'd driven us back, tight-lipped the entire way. With a wave of my hand, I motion for Vhayne to step out, jogging up the stairs while calling over my shoulder..] Get your ass in gear, there's someone we need to talk to, true.

-unfolding from the back, he followed Vishous up the steps. Was he fucking really at the Brotherhood's secret place? Taking in all he could, he waited while the brother punched in a code and opened and outside set of double doors- who's waiting on us?

[Stepping into the vestibule, my hands resting on the inner doors, I glance once to Vhayne with a slow smirk] Someone who is going to have a shitload of questions for you, civilian. [Opening the door, I step inside and am nearly bowled over by a snarling Darius, a VHS cassette in his fist and pissed-the-fuck-off expression darkening his features.] Darius.

Well, what the FUCK do you know? The very idiot I was looking for! {Slamming the tape against Vishous' chest, I march right into the Brother's face, hissing the bare threat} You have an explanation for THAT, V? I sure as fuck hope so, because if not.. I'm feeding you to Hollywood next time his appetite is up, feel me?

[Meeting the burst of outrage with a poorly hidden smirk, I catch the tape before it falls and tuck it into a pocket of the trench. gloved palm landing against D's shoulder as I give a mental shove to catch his attention. I draw out Phury's daggers slowly, waiting while his tirade dwindles... shifting bright diamond irises to the civilian who's standing to the side just behind me, I bark out.. ] Shut it, Darius. We have bigger problems at the moment, you fuckwit.

-The moment they entered the foyer, his eyes had little time to take in the splendor of the place before a blond outraged male caught his full attention. It wasn't the fact that he had busted a tape into the chest of the first asshole, it was the holy fuckness of the resemblance to himself…only...maybe older. He watched with dropped jaw as asshole gave it back to him and...he called him Darius. So yeah..this was the reason the rockstar had thought he was looking at his brother. #HolyFuck #BDBB
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Darius Meets Vhayne 3.11.12
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