Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings
Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings

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 Vhayne Finds Phury Gone 3.9.12

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PostSubject: Vhayne Finds Phury Gone 3.9.12   Fri Mar 09, 2012 11:38 pm

-Waking with a groan and swatting at the alarm, he sat up and ran a hand slowly over his face. The brother or non brother or whoever the giant dude was had spent half the night puking his guts up and the guy still seemed drunk or stoned or under some illusion that he was some other dude name Darius. Only a few hours ago had the guy with the rock star hair passed out again, giving Vhayne a couple of hours sleep at least before he had to get up and head back to the bar.

Shuffling into the small living room, he was a little surprised to see the pull out couch was void of the dude. Looking to the bathroom, he could see easily through the open door that it was empty. Fuck, he hoped the dude was sober enough not to get himself fried.

Staggering to the kitchen, his sleepy eyes landed on a hell of a sight. Sitting on the counter beside a slim pager was two of the most beautiful carved daggers he had ever seen. Unable to resist, he picked one up and held it in his fingers. The thing felt weighted and sturdy...well made. Whoever made this weapon knew what the fuck they were doing and damn but he wanted one. Replacing the blade to the counter beside its twin brother, he picked up the pager and looked it over. Was the dude still that drunk that he would leave behind his daggers and beeper?

Thumbing through the messages, he wasn't surprised to find that souls were actually looking for the Bon Jovi wanna be. "Urgent, call home" ,"911", "911 now", "Tohrment wants to see you"...Tohrment, there was that name again. A warrior’s name.

Scrolling down a little further he finally found a phone number "V. 876-9785". Reaching for his phone, he picked up the red receiver and dialed the number. Not really knowing what to say but feeling responsible none the less-#BDBB
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Vhayne Finds Phury Gone 3.9.12
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