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Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings

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 Phearsom’s Raisin brigade 3-9-12

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PostSubject: Phearsom’s Raisin brigade 3-9-12   Fri Mar 09, 2012 11:37 pm

*Wakes...hops up on the pallet. Bounces around a bit. Hears something...runs to the door. Peeks out into the wide hallway*

*Peers around the door over at the Weapons Room... worries about escaped raisins since @_BrotherDarius heisted the barricade. Room check!*

*Runs the length of the hall to @_Zsadist 's room. Checks for raisins. Grabs small pillow from the pallet, scampers out* #FF @_Zsadist

*Hops down the hall, drops the small pillow in front of the Weapons Room door, aka Raisin Headquarters. Runs into @Phury 's room*

*Hops to the chair and onto the bed.. no raisins. Grabs small fleece blanket, runs across the hall. Drops beside small pillow* #FF@Phury_

*Peers under the Weapon Room 's door...checking for Raisin Sentries. Scampers back down the hall*

*Runs into @Rhage_ 's room. Looks around...raisin free. Gobbles a tootsie pop, nabs a tshirt on the floor...races out* #FF @Rhage_

*Streaks back down the hall to the newly forming barricade, drops tshirt next to fleece blanket and small pillow. Hops on them* #FF@Rhage_

*Runs to @_BrotherDarius 's room. No raisins. Kills dust bunny instead. Drags sheet off of bed, drops beside tshirt* #FF@_BrotherDarius

*Hops down the stairs. Pulls the door open to the tunnel and scampers to the pit, worried raisins have eaten @_Vishous_ &@Murhder_ *

*Stands in the pit, looking at the piles of...everything on the floor. Checks under them for raisins. Jumps on @Murhder_ 's bed. Chews his hair for a time. Grabs a pair of black boxers on the floor, runs to @_Vishous_ 's bed. Hops on a chair and to the bed. Sits on him*

*Scans the room for raisins. Hops down, grabs the black boxers, a pair of @_Vishous_ 's leathers. Peels out* #FF @Murhder_@_Vishous_

*Drags the barricade material out of the bit, down the tunnel and into the hall. Pulls down the hallway, stops at the kitchen.* [MUFFINS!]
*Hops up on a chair, eats a few just baked blueberry muffins off a plate. Leaves some for later. Jumps down...looks around*
*Spies a newly hung decorative kitchen towel hanging from the oven door. Pulls it down...runs back into the hallway* #FF @Fritz_BB

*Moving slowly...weighted down with the barricade material. Drags it all upstairs, one hop at a time. Pulls it slowly down the long hallway*
*Reaches the Weapons Room door, deposits the black boxers, leathers, and decorative towel atop the barricade. Darts into@Tohrment_ 's room*
*Wondering why there are no piles on @Tohrment_ 's floor. Looks for raisins. Checks the water room. Notices the small bathroom rug under me*
*Grabs the rug, totes it down the hall. Drops it on top of the pillow, blanket, tshirt, kitchen towel, boxers, & leathers* #FF @Tohrment_

*Sits atop the barricade...hears strange carrying on in my ears. Thinks its @WizardOfPhury again. Raisin accomplice! #FF@WizardOfPhury
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Phearsom’s Raisin brigade 3-9-12
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