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Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings

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 Zsadist realizes Phury is gone 3.5.12

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PostSubject: Zsadist realizes Phury is gone 3.5.12   Tue Mar 06, 2012 1:20 am

-Prowling like a shadow through the gawking crowd around the building that's gone up almost faster than Dark Desires came down, I'm barely aware of the noxious fumes of perfume, alcohol and smoke that surround me. The night has so far led me nowhere. Not a fucking lesser to be found in the dozen or so blocks I've covered since leaving my basement room. Still ripshit pissed at the way I'd handled the last convo I'd had with my twin, the hours of coming up empty haven't done shit to improve my mood.

Grinding my jaw against the gnawing hunger in my gut, I come to a stop at Trade Street. The drug trade has picked up exponentially since the last time I'd swept through here. What was that, a week ago.. more? Fuck. Time meant nothing, the stack of wallets and pagers I'd dropped at the Brotherhood's front gate were the only measure of my existence moving forward. Swallowing compulsively, the human whores flashing their wares remind me that I hadn’t fed. For some time, judging the waning strength of my body. Midnight irises scan over the choices with a frustrated growl. Nothing here for me.

A sea of long, teased hair. Shaking my head, I squeeze my eyes shut and swallow back the bile that's risen. Can't fucking touch them. Not any more than I absolutely have to, and to even consider having to move those nightmare clumps of lacquered hair calls tonight a no-fucking-go for feeding. Jesus.

Running a wide palm over my abdomen, my fist moving up to rub circles against my chest, I'm drawn through the milling bodies to the mouth of an alley. My head pivoting to take in my surroundings, I can't quite put a finger on what the fuck it is I'm feeling. Fixating briefly on the brownstone across the street as a human exits, scurrying like a fucking rat through the rain slicked streets to toss his leg over the body of a Harley and speed off. Turning back to the alley I'd stopped in front of, a sharp pain shoots through my skull. Stumbling against the filthy cinder block, I press my shoulder blades back and wait out the agony. What the fuck is this? Vampire migraine? Holy SHIT that hurt!

Opening my eyes slowly, I continue to rub against my chest absently. The hollow ache that's been my companion since the confrontation with Phury is now ramping up to bring to mind another human medical malady. Heart attack. Good fucking thing we didn't have those either. The low rumble in my throat belies my own aggravation with myself for
mentally ticking off excuses for how my body is reacting.- Fuck this. –

Turning on my heel to head back out, one hand rubbing the back of my skull trim, the other still working at my left pec, I nearly fall flat on my ass when the sickly sweet stench of the pale motherfuckers hits me. My hand reaching instinctively for my dagger, it's a moment before I register that this trail is old. Hours old, but old nonetheless.- Just. Fucking. Perfect. -Releasing my grip, I eye the pavement for any sign that the Brotherhood had been by and taken care of the bastards. Scowling as I find, instead of an oily smudge, a patch of dried blood. The rust colored stain draws me closer. My mind not clicking fast enough to keep up with what my cells are screaming. I can smell it. I can smell him.- No.!

-Melding into the shadows of the far back of the alley, I shake my head furiously as I process what I should have known instantly. The ache. It's not hunger, fuck me... it's my twin. Something's happened to Phury. SHIT! Does the Brotherhood even know? I'd left the POS plastic pager that Vishous had given me behind when I left the apartment my twin and I shared. Haven't run across anyone other than Phury and @Tohrment_ in all the time since I'd rejected the order to move in with the Brotherhood to strike out on my own. Pacing the tight space between the buildings, I stop suddenly and plant my shitkickers.

Inhaling deeply, the odors of the alley, the lessers... my twin, filling my lungs, I dematerialize to the apartment that Phury and I had shared. I knew if anything were to happen to my twin, the shitstorm would fall on me. One way or another they'd tie me to that fucking wagon. No, if anyone deserved a chance at a real life, it was my twin. Not me. I'd fix this. I'd find him and fix .... this.- #BDBB

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Zsadist realizes Phury is gone 3.5.12
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