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 Phury gets captured 3.5.12

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PostSubject: Phury gets captured 3.5.12   Tue Mar 06, 2012 1:20 am

{I retook form in the shadows of the same alley I’d managed to make it to last night. Damn, was it really only last night that all the shit with Zsadist had hit the fan? I was finding concentration difficult and the heavy metal music from the club at the end of the alley only added to my sense of disorientation. I quickly looked around to make sure that I was alone and unseen. Even with the throbbing hangover in my head, some actions were just instinct.

First things first, I needed to make a purchase. The idea of red smoke and the freedom from pain that it promised was top priority in my badly aching mind and spirit. I stumbled slightly and headed off toward the mouth of the alley and the relief that the dealers along Trade Street could bring.}

The usual nighttime crowd was milling around when Kellan jogged across Trade Street with his case by his side to the brownstone. He rapped on the door and waited, checking out the denizens that were around. A slot in the metal door was opened and a pair of eyes warily looked at him. The slot was closed and he heard the locks on the door being turned. When the door opened, he walked in, ignoring the flunky and went straight to the room where he was expected, hearing the door closed and locked behind him.

Setting the case on the desk he sat down in the chair opposite his dealer. “Any big changes from last week?” Kellan asked him, a rail thin man who looked to be in his mid thirties with stringy long hair and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

“Not much. Pushing the XTC. It’s still new, so some haven’t tried it yet. I’m thinking of calling it … the ‘love drug’.What do you think?” he smiled as he took a small canvas bag out of a desk drawer and handed it to Kellan, who put it in the case.

“Whatever gets the job done. As long as it’s an increase, I’ll take what I can get.”
Kellan said as he rummaged in the case. “The boss is thinking about cutting out the RedSmoke business, it’s just too low a market to keep. But first he wants to see if we can move the buyers up to the stronger stuff. I want you to start selling this.” He took out a large plastic bag containing several smaller bags of RedSmoke and set it on the desk. “This has a little extra ‘kick’ that may help with that” he said with a smile. ”Push this for a month, and then let me know how it goes. Anything else?”

“That new club’s almost open. Been hearing about feelers going out for suppliers. I got a card.” He handed Kellan the card.

“Richard Reynolds. I’ll let the boss know.” Closing the case, he and the dealer walked to the door. The flunky was at the door waiting. Kellan’s visits didn’t last long. “See you next week” he said as the dealer headed down the street.

{It seemed to take ages to walk the few short few blocks to where my usual connections could be made. There were more people than usual on the street tonight, hanging out on corners and in front of clubs, and I wondered if maybe it was a weekend or some human holiday. The exact day of the week escaped my memory and I tried to think back to the last time I remembered the date. Not that it mattered to me really. I was just trying to keep my mind focused on anything other than the shit storm that was happening in my life.

As I was finally approaching my destination two of the regular girls who work that area of clubs approached me with offers to show me a good time. No matter how many times I turned them down, we always seemed to have a good-natured exchange regarding the pleasures of the flesh they could offer me. Tonight however, I felt more inclined to listen to their attempts to convince me that my chosen lifestyle was not benefiting anyone}

As he stepped out onto the sidewalk, a cool breeze was blowing. He glanced down the street, facing the breeze. He watched the crowd move in and out of the clubs and bars. He was about to head out when he heard women laughing down the street. He saw a figure that stood out among the rest. It was a tall, muscular man with long, multicolored hair. Streaks of blonde, red, brown and almost black billowed in the breeze. The hairs on the back of Kellan’s neck stood up. He knew that man. Well, he was pretty certain who it was. Not too many with hair like that. A Brother. And not just any Brother, the addicted one. And he was alone. Or was he? The Brothers rarely went anywhere alone. Kellan looked around the entire area for any others that may be lingering around. No, no one else. He couldn’t believe it.

He had to let the ForeLesser know. He quickly crossed the street and headed for the payphone.

{Looking up I could see one of my regular suppliers coming up the street in my direction. Politely declining all the erotic offers from the girls. I left them to their business and walked forward to meet the thin disheveled man I’d come hoping to find.

Wordlessly and as one, we turned down an open alley, executing a well-choreographed dance we’d done many times before. No words needed to be exchanged. This was the benefit to having a long-standing relationship with the human. I held up 4 fingers, double my usual purchase. He didn’t show any signs of surprise, but a small smile crossed his lips as he handed over 4 bags of red smoke and collected his payment. Then still without speaking a single word, he quickly turned and left me alone in the alley.

I thought that I’d most likely return to the now empty apartment Zsadist and I had recently shared and still owned. It would be as good a place as any to hold up until I decided what I was planning to do next. As I considered the merits of this, I quickly rolled a fatty, had it lit and was inhaling deeply while rolling a second.
The comforting aroma of chocolate and coffee was like a balm to my still pounding head. It wasn’t until I’d lit the second and taken a few drags that I began to feel dizzy.

Suddenly the world around me seemed to be moving on it’s own. Reaching out and grabbing onto a nearby drain pipe I tried to hold myself still in the storm of motion. What. The. Hell. Holding the blunt tightly between my lips and continuing to inhale even as the thought that something might be seriously wrong invaded my rotating brain.

Just then, mingled with the red smoke another scent reached me. This one sickeningly sweet and not at all welcome… Lessers! That one word and a sonic boom of sound collided together in my brain as I turned and was hit in the head with enough force to knock me flat onto my back.

“You weren’t thinking of going anywhere now… were you?” he asked Phury, an iron pipe in his hand.

Caught completely off guard and unable to focus my eyes from the force of the blow that had cracked my head like a melon. Finally regaining just enough vision to briefly see a pasty-white and very smug leering face leaning down over me…before blackness pulled me under.}

“Well, well…..what have we here?” he said with a smirk. #BDBB

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Phury gets captured 3.5.12
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