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 Vishous' vision for Murhder 3.3.12

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Vishous' vision for Murhder    3.3.12 Empty
PostSubject: Vishous' vision for Murhder 3.3.12   Vishous' vision for Murhder    3.3.12 EmptySat Mar 03, 2012 10:59 pm

Vishous 3.3.12

[Dragging my forearm from my face, I groan as bloodshot and glazed eyes crack open to wince at a sudden spearing agony that shoots directly through my retinas. Apparently I'd passed out after the fourth bottle of Stoli. So much for working off the tension last night.

Peering around the wide expanse of living room from my horizontal perspective of the couch, it registers that each and every-single-fucking lamp is lit. Jesus, Murhder must have been having another nightmare, or the fucker was just as drunk as I was.

Squinting against the glare, I haul my ass upright with a sway and slip a hand rolled off the table. Lighting it and inhaling deeply, my never-still mind churns up the ...dream? Vision? Whatever the fuck it was, I needed to let him in on it before it faded with the hangover.

Standing with a groan, I stumble down the hall to pound roughly on Murhder's door, shouting through oak that's thicker than his head.] My Brother.. listen up! Don't know why, don't know when, but this shit is going to be VERY important to you someday. You in there? [pounding harder with my gloved fist, rattling the sturdy door in the frame.] FUCKER! WAKE UP... [chuckling as the pain surges through my temples] Don't make me fucking sing this shit. Won't be pleasant, feel me? [waits only a moment longer before stepping back, clearing my throat and bellowing loudly enough to wake those in the mansion.] You'd better appreciate this shit, true!
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Vishous' vision for Murhder 3.3.12
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