Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings
Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings

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 Phury leaves 3.3.12

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PostSubject: Phury leaves 3.3.12   Sat Mar 03, 2012 9:07 pm

*Consciousness returned slowly, in stages. Beginning with the awareness of a soft flat surface, then the numb feeling in my arms from laying in one position way too long. The first thought to fight its way through the god awful pain in my head, was the urge to throw up. Groaning and trying to move to sit up, the second thought being, that I was sooo not going to do that.

Forcing myself into as much of a sitting position as possible, and looking around at the unfamiliar room. What...The…Fuck?! As if asking the question gave my pounding mind permission, thought’s and flashes from the night before suddenly spilling into my wounded head much like the alcohol had spilled into my mouth. Burning and unstopping. Groaning again and rubbing my aching temples, voice cracked and harsh.* And this is why, Ladies and Gentleman, I choose red smoke over alcohol most of the damn time. Hangovers suck ass.

*As soon as I was able to quell the returning urge to hurl, I managed to sit completely up right and plant both feet on the floor. The apartment before me wasn’t overly large, but it was very nicely furnished. Everything looked top end and exactly what I would expect of Darius. Resisting the urge to shake my head, Darius, he was always spouting off about the “need for the Mansion” and “the Brotherhood being United there”. Guess that’s all fine and good, when YOU personally have your own secret, what? Shag Pad.

There’s a visual I didn’t need on a queasy stomach. What a fucking hypocrite my brother was turning out to be.

Well, seems like all my Illusions get to be shattered at one time now don’t they? Christ, do I even know what’s real anymore and not just made up shit inside my own head? My own little version of reality. I’d thought Zsadist would eventually come around, and while I didn’t expect anything close to normal after what he’d endured…..because of me, might as well face that. I did expect him to improve. To TRY to return to the life he was always meant to lead. The life I’d stolen from him the moment I was born.

Suddenly filled with the urge to get the hell out of here before Darius wakes up and comes out for his inevitable raking-me-over-the-coals chat. But where do I go from here? The Mansion wasn’t an option. Mr. Wizard was right, I was only a liability to the Brotherhood at this point, hell I probably always HAD been one.

I briefly considered collecting my 911 Porsche Carrera and just taking my baby out onto the open road… putting Caldwell in my rear view mirror. But the very real possibility of wrapping that incredible machine around a tree in a red smoke haze seemed like a harsh end for such a beautiful girl.

The tree and the end part didn’t seem all that bad otherwise. I’d always been told that death by suicide wouldn’t allow you to enter into the Fade. What the hell did that matter to me? I certainly didn’t have anyone waiting there for me and chances are Zsadist, once he finally does arrive, STILL wouldn’t want me around.

Taking off my pager, not even bothering to look at the “get your ass back here” messages I was sure were on there, I sat it on the end table and placed my beloved daggers next to it. Those two daggers were my prized possessions. Vishous had made them for me himself right after I’d joined the Brotherhood, and after all these years of constant use there wasn’t a nick or mark on them. Still perfectly weighted; genuine works of art. No sense taking them with me wherever the fuck I was going.

Darius would know what best to do with them. It would send a clear message to him and the rest of my Brothers that I was done. Mr. Wizard was right; they would most likely be tremendously relieved.

Standing shakily to my feet, I concentrated on the back alley where I knew I could always find the relief that I was searching for. Guess tonight we’d all be getting lucky.* #BDBB
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Phury leaves 3.3.12
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