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 Phearsom finds the greenhouse 3.1.12

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PostSubject: Phearsom finds the greenhouse 3.1.12   Sat Mar 03, 2012 3:38 pm

*Runs back to the mansion, squeezing under the huge gates... races around the pool ten times...stops briefly. Sees greenhouse door open*
*Looks around, sees coast is clear, tiptoes into the greenhouse. Eyes widen at all the goodies. Spies a freshly planted area, rolls in the softly tilled soil, fur turning a soft brown. Sees some bulbs sticking up, rescues them...pulling each up from being buried alive*
*Piles all the bulbs together... sees a snake hissing water. Grabs it by the neck, shaking it mercilessly. Bites into its neck, more water gushing out...running every direction. Wonders why it won't die. Spits out a piece of soft plastic. Stomps on snake...still alive*
*Runs to the orchids... eats a few. Sits on the carnations, eating petals one by one as the water snake flails wildly in a death dance.... water spewing out its wounds. Sees something red... hops through the water and mud to a tomato plant. Pulls some off...eats half. Bleats*
*Sees something green in the soil nearby... hops over the water, pulls up some carrots. Pulls some up...eats a few. Puts the others with the rescued bulbs. Stomps on the water snake again, causing more water to spew out. Snake writhing back and forth. Eats another tomato*
*Pulls up a few parsnips, traipses out of the wet greenhouse and back through the goattie door. Shakes to get the water off. Runs down the hallway with the parsnips. Hops up the grand staircase. Races down the long hallway carefully eluding the stone giants*
*Runs into Darius's room, leaves a parsnip on his bed...runs to Zsadist 's room. Leaves on on his pallet. Shivers*
*Hightails it to Tohrment's room, drops parsnip by his dresser. Stores the other parsnips under his bed to tote to the gatehouse later*
*Hops to the pallet, curls up exhausted from slaying the water snake and saving the bulbs. So proud. Falls asleep mid bleat*
*Wakes to a terrible tummy ache. Cantelopebellyitis. Curls up in pain.. Whimpers* #BDBB
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Phearsom finds the greenhouse 3.1.12
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