Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings
Black Dagger Brotherhood Beginnings

Gathering place for the collective minds of BDBB to hash out Story Lines, discuss events and share ideas.
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 Zsadist 2.27.12

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PostSubject: Zsadist 2.27.12   Sat Mar 03, 2012 3:36 pm

-Scrubbing my hand over my skull trim, a growl rumbles through my chest, the alley I stand in stinking of piss and powder. Absently swiping the flats of my blades against my thighs, resheathing the daggers in the holster that crosses my chest, I palm the wallet and pager I'd taken off the lone lesser I'd followed here. The fight had been mediocre at best. Young. Strong, but unseasoned. Another new recruit, fresh from his induction. Aggravated with the lack of targets tonight, I move through the shadows to the mouth of the alley, ebony eyes scanning the sparsely lit streets of the club district. Human and civilians alike, walking in groups, their attention not on what skulks in the night, focused instead on which club to hit next and what vile toxin they're planning to dose themselves with once they get there. Jesus. Any one of them could be my blooded twin. Phury'd looked like utter shit the last time we'd come face to face. Sunken eyes, pale and growing thinner. I'd swear my forsaken brother was gunning to join me in my never-ending downward spiral.

Giving a shake of my head in a poor attempt to clear the image, mangled upper lip curling into a sneer, I move among the throngs silently. A specter of a monster stalking unseen within their ranks. Senses attuned to catch the barest hint of my enemy, lean legs carry me past the rows of waiting cabs and milling bodies. My mind coming back around to Phury. Fuck. If he's tearing his shit up over me not moving into that godforsaken mansion, I'm going to have to put an end to it. Out of all of them, he has to know why I just can't. Won't.. join them.

Vishous' fucked up perversions factoring in only a fraction of my trepidation. Being caged, watched 24 fucking 7... yeah. Not happening.

Bringing my fist to the center of my chest, I rub small circles over the growing ache in my chest. My blood running cold as the raw truth hits me. I have to talk to my twin. Need to step up and lay it out, no holds barred. I know my words cut him, as deep as I'd intended them to. My own fucked up attempt to get him to sever the ties and let me self-destruct on my own, without pulling him into the vortex of hate and misery. The scars I bear go so much deeper than the physical. I'm a black fucking hole, sucking the light and life out of everything that comes close. Poisoned from the inside out, festering, ready to infect at the slightest provocation. Deciding then that after tonight, I will seek him out. Not one for words, under the best of circumstances, I know it won't be a fucking picnic, but I have to make him understand. Set this right so he do what he has to... move on and fight the good fight, without the distraction of the ruined mess of his twin dragging him down.- #BDBB
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Zsadist 2.27.12
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